November 27, 2011

If Only...

If only I knew lust's unreal
If only I felt life surreal
If only I dream of desires tall
If only I made my self whole
If only time would cease the pain
If only days would ease in gain
If only seconds would breathe life
If only goals were passion filled
If only nations were unified still
If only jobs made happiness last
If only vows were seriously cast
If only water was clean again
If only animals wouldn't exist in vain
If only honesty was not a myth
If only I were a better human
Hmm...if only...!

Poem By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 20-11-2011
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Majida Shaheen said...

If only life was as easy as v cud imagine it 2 be!! *sigh* made me thnk!! gr8 work der!!

Binu Thomas said...

Fantastic poem Anoop :)

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