July 20, 2012

Life without You!



Place: Anoop's Head
Date and Time: 20th July 2012, 1:50 pm

Dear Diary,
My life so far was a very far fetched game of unique misery. I hate this world and the meek pleasures it has to offer. In reality, everything seems a bit out of the box to me. The laziness and loneliness instilled within me from childhood had eaten off the man of discipline that I once boasted myself to be.
Being an avid environmentalist, I liked to touch the skies and breathe in it's glory. The vastness of this earth had succumbed my whole so endearingly that I could not breathe at times. Life felt meaningless, and I was lost at times. But in spite of all the pain, I had an optimist in me that kept saying that a Saviour would come to rescue my life. Aspiring towards a better tomorrow, I kept staring at my monotonous life, awaiting the miracle that would redeem me one day. 
Friends and family were akin, but many of them had their lonely lives too. My cousins were far better players than me. They boasted of their uniqueness, which was often praised by the world. This had smitten my idealistic desire of destiny. After many days of wandering in search of salvation, I decided to meditate on it. A natural cure for my laziness was time consuming. I wanted to be active and lively again, and be bold and strong for all those who cared for me. Then as if disaster stroke, I felt my energy draining each day and started to turn pale towards the realities of this universe. Oh Boy! Lost was I in dilemma. Is there no cure to save my plight? 
But as if a dream, an Angel arrived in a box today. Thrilled was I to see her that I immediately fell in love with relief. She asked me, "What do you want young man?". I replied, "My only wish is to live a perfect life, pleasing the world and everyone who cares!". She was kind and gave me the best answer to all my problems...Dove!
  -With peace,
A lonely Hair
P.S.: This is my second entry made for Dove-IndiBlogger.in Contest on the topic "My beautiful Hair Story". If you are a part of IndiBlogger.in and like this story, please vote for it here.
Image Courtesy: ToonPool and McHumor


Saru Singhal said...

You wrote both the posts differently, I liked the earlier one more. Good luck Anoop:)

Please share how you can come up with so many ideas.

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Ideas are born instantaneously :)

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