November 16, 2011

I had a dream...

It feels strange, I just had a dream last night. In this particular dream, however, I was a medieval knight in search of hidden treasury. The treasury was to be brought forth for my King from an unknown land. All the clue that was available with me was a ring that said 'It is better to be envied than to be pitied'. The realm began as I quested into the denseness of the menace of the lavender filled cotton forest. Unlike the early fairy tales, my own tale had certain strange twists and bends. I was not the leader of my pack. I was just a soldier. A mere follower of the commands that he received. So on wards we went. At some point on my journey, it so happened that we made allies with the mutual rivals who were also in search of the treasure. I kept wondering throughout the dream why I had to make friendship with those who seek bad, or those who stood against my path. As though a dream on a dream, a heavenly scroll appeared in my dream's dream (now that's insane). And guess what the scroll read? "To get votes, you need to talk; to get friends, you need to listen; for votes are not the end of the world. Make your life full with a happy ending!" And lo! I woke up!!!


P.S.: This was the first thing I did today. I woke up and posted it on Facebook right away. Just for the record I'm re-posting it on my blog. 


maliny mohan said...

u r blessed with beautiful vocabulary and the way u deal with the words is amazing :)

Anoop Mathew said...

Thank You so much for dropping by. :-)

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