December 23, 2011

Earlier i used to wonder, 
What exactly is love? 
I used to sit for hours and ponder, 
Why is it considered above 
All feelings and emotions, its so pure 
Its a feeling you understand 
Only once you experience to be sure 
That its better than the shores and sand 
Better than the world’s best place 
Gives you joy and happiness infinite 
Just with a single glimpse of his face 
My day seems to be magically bright 
Yes, i am in love 
For this feeling is so new 
Life’s colourful; red, yellow, mauve 
With all the shades and hue 
I think about him all the time 
Want him to succeed in every way 
His happiness is my sole prime 
Just talking to him, makes my day 
The way he loves me 
Without terms and conditions 
So untrue it all seems to be 
His never ending care and affection 
Love is one of the best things 
That can happen to anyone 
Your heart wants to dance and sing 
Days seem blessed from mon to sun 
Thank you God for this wonderful feeling 
So pure, eternal and divine 
He, by my side, my life is reeling 
He is just mine, mine and mine!

By: Majida Shaheen 

December 19, 2011

Lucre lava, it’s burning
Supernova, the end’s nearing
Messed up titans of Atlantis fall
Left behind tales of Troy’s tall
Giant mammoth of times ago
Felt the pain of homosapien bows!
Dodo flew not, so extinct
Tiger, wild, in dangerous kill
Blue whales blow off to the sky
Birds we knew once, now a lie
Time and tilde of tide at bliss
Wake up by the quake’s distress
Gone are ages of happy pasts
History changes, lets’ hope we last!

By: Anoop M.Mathew
Date: 3-11-2011

December 14, 2011

I’ve always thought that happiness is something that you cannot buy. And today I’m blessed as what I believed all these years has come through as though a realm of purgatory. I’m not sure if I’m man enough to say this, but yet it frequently haunts my mind not to. So I write this down as a reminder to my legacy.

Luxury may be termed as an act of uncertain comfort boosted with passion and powered by possession or merely proper cash. Unfortunately, luxury is often felt as an ideal state for the highest class of beings. But with my experience and seismic thought provoking ideology, I’d say not.

The term luxury can be referred to anything or any sort of lifestyle that invokes pleasure and calmness of mind. It is often an unavailable situation in our monotonous lives these days. Luxury however is just another cheap excuse to being happy. Why do I say so? Let’s find out…

Take the life of a simple peasant who works his days on his fields. What does he yield? Well, most of us might suggest ‘hard work can bring profits’…Well is that all? Look carefully and you’ll notice that the peasant is healthier than any other office going person. Is he not? Moreover, he likes his job, in spite of the hard work and risks involved. (I’m referring to a peasant according to the old concept. Modern peasants are faster and forward.)

Farming his lands, the peasant works for all year and it brings him great joy to see his produce at the harvest time. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as the peasant expects and he feels a small financial crisis. Well, we all know that this is a common situation.

But what does the term luxury mean to an ordinary peasant? Well, from m y point of view, the harvest is the luxury and selling off the produce is the greatest happiness. A job well done deserves appreciation…Bravo! And hard work always pays.

But can you suggest what luxury means today? I’m at loss of words too. Despite of all that, I’ve come up with the word for modern luxury: “Aggressive” Why? Read on…

Luxury today is all about more and more and more and more and more and it goes on and on and on and on and…(I could go typing on and on and….). To tell about all the materialistic things that you’ve bought or the worldly pleasures you’ve achieved if ever happiness is involved is sheer luxury. The passion and the desire for more and the romance of ecstasy when you live a life of dreams in reality is also luxury.

But to me, luxury is instantaneously possible. How? Well as sensibly simple as that: Be happy with what you have. Not satisfied with what you have? Then try to be happy with what you do so that you live a luxuriously happy life.

To me, luxury is all about living in the moment and meek pleasure in small things. I like to feel happy and often find myself content with what I do as a matter of passion than with what I do out of pure need. I am also able to coordinate and be more alive while I’m myself, when I do what I like to, rather than when I try to be someone else when I try to do the extraordinary. There is a saying that you should never try to swallow more than you can so much chew. The same goes with happiness…
Take it slowly…
Breathe it normally…
Feel it purely, and
Live it daily…
For happiness is a boon in all its glory!
So be luxuriously happy always! Cheerio!

P.S.: The author was neither drunk nor drugged while writing this down. Audience should maintain discretion to all statements. However, valid criticism is tolerated. 

December 03, 2011

I was on the way back from college. The 5th exam had gotten over, and it was time for a long study break. We deserved a long trip home, as frying asses on the examophobeboreattact wasn’t my type. In spite of the addiction to the internet, the days had to be spent at home. It’s been a while since I’d seen my place, and the folks were worried that I’d forgotten about them.
So, off I took into the realm of the travelogue you're reading now.
At first, the bumpy bus ride, took me from my college to the nearest town. Being the only source of hope, I had to take the earliest train to our destination as the pilgrimage season was going on. Managing all the hurdles of a rush hour, I got past the railway station and board the first train, the West Coast Express. The mayhem of wild monkeys from all over the world reigned in that jungle of adventure. There was a lot to explore and the world seemed a tinier place with the advent of faster technologies and click lifestyle.
An assuring barbarian dinner of some rich south Indian and continental cuisines had set my stomach churning, and the sleep glands were getting their full. Once entering the train, the occupation of one’s empire was a niche of easy touch. Lucky for me, I found peace! But sleep was the worst option on a tired old day trip on a train. I’m a pillow guy, who likes to hug, squeeze and sleep on his pillow. Most kids love a fluffy teddy bear at bed, but my mate was the pillow. Over the years, the times on train rides had caught up my imagination and I was found to love my bag. The habit of hugging my bag had come to reality. But unfortunately for me, today, my bag was heavy.
On entering the train, I had found neighbors who were on a saga to the holy mountains. But, one little girl among them caught my attention. She was trying her best to fall asleep in her daddy’s arms, but the discomfort was so restless it kept her awake all night. My overweight bag had started to hurt my legs, so I offered it to her to use it as a pillow. To my utter surprise, she immediately liked it and started loving it, sleeping well for the rest of the night. On nearing my destination, I had to forcibly pull away my bag at my stop. The possessive ideology no longer sprouted wings, and today I lay content with emotions as I remember that day again. 

P.S.: As was written on 19th November 2011.

Examophobiboreattact was a word coined by me and you can see more about it here
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