January 03, 2013

Absolute Chaos
Image Courtesy: 123rf

Jude law in Massachusetts,
World Peace is Home;
Fashion in 'Gangnam' style,
And the Vatican’s broom!
Pasts of last summer,
Haunt many at plight;
Sandy licked loose,
A 'Kolaveri' of insights!
Justified in dendrelium,
Washed away with the tide,
Mist of long judgment,
Old history on stride!

By: Anoop M. Mathew

P.S.: New word coined by me:
Dendrelium: A state of absolute mental chaos in terms of inexplicable musings. 

The human mind is a gallery of thoughts that needs an eternal list of categorization. Times again, the world keeps spinning like a whirlwind inside those slimy worm like cells which some experts call – The Brain. The brain in any human being is set to clock once a child is born. Even Einstein is said to have used only about 10 percent of his brain until the time of his death. In short, we don’t use our brains! “ Ha! I knew you were coming to this” – isn't that what you just thought? Well I apologize for the lousy intro, but somehow I had to start my first post for the new year with a bash on the head…hence voila!
Live Life and Let Live!
Image Courtesy: World Pulse
I know many of you people out there have taken many new year resolutions. Some of you have decided to quit cigarettes, some might have decided on new year’s eve to stop drinking from ‘next year onward' , and some others might have even thought of joining the gym. Folks, to be frank, life goes on even without you people actually implementing all these resolutions; so don’t bother! Some wise guy once said “Pessimistic Optimism is the Cruelest but most Practical”.  Well I think he meant that on the most optimistic note possible. Some would say it’s karma. Well maybe! However, a little hope, and faith in the Divinity can restore all courage to even the situ soldiers. So hold on to whatever you've got so far, feel the need to improve, and blast off towards your ultimate destiny – a more happier life! God Bless You in this New Year!
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