June 15, 2013

It had been a long time. By long, I mean long enough to forget all about ourselves and where we came from. We had grown apart and now lacked the coordination that once glued us together. On recalling the past, a rush of excitement and sheer loss filled my heart. A ceremonial event was required to refurbish our minds to adapt into the realm of friendship. Being schoolmates didn't instill any sort of alumni enthusiasm as the years faded away. Time had inked our past as a story in each of our chapters. We never thought we could get closer again – the few of us.

The Chaos in the Chatter
Image Courtesy: DW-WP

By birth - a victim of war, and by growth - a social cynic, I was stuck in India with the unusual urge to commit myself to patriotism. The country had inspired my mind to bloom in thought. The nature and the naturist scenes of life portrayed, displayed a naive impact in my heart. Time again, I felt lonely.  No amount of pleasure could soothe my inner thirst. I wanted more than the life that I lived. Feeling an inner urge to get back in touch with my friends kept lingering in the back of my mind. I longed for people to respond in the social network. Due to the chaotic life circumstances and a billion other things to do, people never got the time to get together and converse. Even if they did, the conversation would not last for more than a couple of minutes. I didn't know any of my friends like I did before. They were all strangers to me, who were once part of a meaningful past. The greatest curse mankind has got is loss of memory. You tend to forget things and people. Time does not heal often. You need to heal.
We all want to be heard, but do we listen?
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One night, while lazing at home, an idea surged into my head. I was introduced to WeChat by a colleague, and he said that it was a good form of getting in touch. I did not take it seriously at first. On exploring through the internet, I found out that it was reliable. So I installed it that night into my smartphone. After leaving school, I had kept in touch with only a hand full of friends and that too once in a blue moon. School life in my foster-motherland of Kuwait was exciting. Evening tuition and hangouts at various shopping malls and street corners was a thing of my past. But now, I had only about five friends in my contact list to cherish those memories with. Nonetheless, I added them on a group in WeChat. 

Creating a connection
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At first, it wasn't easy to get everyone to come online. But when they all did, it was like Christmas in summer! And with Christmas comes lots of fun. We began our occasional chatting, and recollecting of the past. My batch mates are scattered all over the world, and the ones close to me were the ones in India – the ones I was chatting with. I wanted to expand my boundaries and be in touch with everyone around the globe, at the same time. So began my search for contact details. I kept pulling out all links I could grab my hands on. It felt like creating a miniature social networking platform. More and more folks were added, and the conversation and gossips never stopped. We were live 24/7 thanks to the fact that people were there in various corners of the world. Most of us flooded the Indian subcontinent, Pakistan and Bangladesh, while a few of us were stranded all over the USA, UK and Canada. Three of them even found their way to the Caribbean Islands, and one drifted off to Australia. I couldn't sleep on the first night of celebration, and everyone was equally excited. The reality had struck us by storm, and it felt like a rain of blessing to be alive and together again – talking, fighting and loving each other’s company. I had recreated my classroom that was believed to be lost and scattered five years ago! We had engineers and engineering graduates, doctors, teachers and business professionals in our batch. We also brought in one of our teachers every now and then to enhance the classroom atmosphere. What turned out as a lazy evening thing, has now become a daily activity. Lucky for me, all my friends all well off and most of them have started working. It's hard to say when a real reunion is possible, but the foundation stone has been laid - it'll be done with time in our favour!

A glimpse of the Recipe!
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Now our group is live almost all the time, and people stay in touch. We no longer ignore each other, and are cool about the transformation from childish plays to adulthood pranks. At least we all got each others' contact numbers. All thanks to WeChat!

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May 19, 2013

Think of all the wonderful and delicious brands of chocolate that you've ever eaten  Doesn't your mouth water at the mere thought? I was no different. As a kid, I was mom's pet. And she looked after me like a teddy bear. Yes, that did make me a plump teddy. Even today, I remember how mom used to feed me, most of the time forcibly. She would give me that stare that meant it all. "Eat, or else you'll get sick", she'd say. But when I often neglected her pricey speech, she would come behind me with the hot spatula; and needless to say I did get my share of hot pancakes on my palm! However, even though I did not like the healthy diet she planned for me, I loved chocolate, just like the Beast loved Cinderella...wait...was it Cinderella? or Sleeping Beauty? I don't remember now! Anyways, chocolate was beauty, and I just adore it.

Even-though I lived in a desert, there were not many storms that surged into my life. My summer vacations however ruined me. It was on one such quite-a-boring day when it all began. I was left alone at home without a playmate. My sister was not born at that time, and me being a loner had not much to do. I'd sit all day in front of the television and waste time on it till my heart oozed contentment, and my eyes found their pair of spectacles. Watching cartoons and playing video games was a part of my daily routine. This often clustered with the needless couch potato in me, attained a stage where I'd clumsily crouch onto the sofa, with my heavy foot on the edge, and a bite on my hand. A delicious hot bite was almost formidable to any decree. The inner animal within me had the instinct of a fox, and the capacity of a hippo!

In the beginning...

It was my favorite hobby to hunt for stuff in my own home. The television show 'Finders Keepers' had a major role in motivating me, and my mom would often scold me for leaving the place in a huge mess, needless to say, after raiding her secret storage of goodies! Mom used to say, "Where will I hide these from you Anu? I guess I'd have to carry them with me wherever I go...". True story! Whenever someone came to visit us, there would be literally nothing to drink on the fridge, or a snack to offer; it'd all have happily churned in my stomach, or probably gone down the drain!

Once upon a time, this was Me!!
Image Courtesy: drgullo.com

This was a rather bad habit which I am not proud of. I was quite a boring guy back then because of my boring appeal, and extra ordinary boring life. I didn't do anything outside the box that made people go crazy about me. I did however try to learn Tae-Kwon-Doe, but once they told me I'd have to beat another guy down to earn another colored belt, I simply chose Ahimsa to enhance Gandhiji's path. Then for a while it was music gone ga-ga and la-la; I started off at the school choir as a male Tenor and also went for a year of Piano coaching. This did not change my habit of hogging onto almost anything sweet. Then it happened...
They warned me on TV,
I didn't bother to change.
Dentists and other doctors,
They all speak the same!
Homework and essays,
Pulled me back to my chair,
Headache and tooth decay,
It was starting to scare…!
Then one night it happened,
My gums slowly swelled;
I “ouch”ed with sour laughter
And ran to mom's lap.
Afterwards, all I could remember,
Was a fat solely syringe,
That stuck to my mouth,
When the dentist, he said:
“Brush your little soldiers,
Twice in a day,
And no more chocolate,
Or your teeth will sway!”

Teenage years...

Life had seen it's share of shimmers. Teenage meant the world to me. I joined evening tuition for the sake of learning my subjects. My good friends also accompanied me, and we took our creativity-home-wasting-time outside. The world looked better with bigger shopping malls and lots of nooks and cranny corners which kids of my age liked to explore. Of course, draining dad's pocket for more delicious goodies had become a hobby by then, and so did putting on weight. Weekend eat-outs at well known restaurants had become a thing of teenage passion. Whilst enjoying myself, I never cared for my health. Food bits would live unattended inside my mouth, and chicken flesh and chocolate spots would remain as memoirs in between my creaking teeth. 

One fine night, I was having a feast with my family and a few relatives. We had arrived a little earlier than usual, and it was time for serving the buffet. I stuffed my plate with all the exotics I could find, until I got stares from everyone nearby. After achieving my goal of filling my plate, I returned to my seat and took a large bite off the mouth watering sheesh kabab. My gums started to ache. I mourned and run to my mom. She pulled me towards her and stared at my mouth. "I thought you'd take care of your teeth at-least when you're grown up. No. You're grounded!", she said, and off I went with her to the dentist. The dentist gave me a quick injection to relieve me off my pain, and left me with a warning to keep my teeth clean always - a warning that I never heeded to! 

mouth watering???
Image Courtesy: FanPop
Young Adult and Graduation...

Years went by. Inspite of repeated advice from my mother, I never bothered to change my habits and neglected my body and it's needs completely - sometimes even half-brushing my teeth in a hurry! Life did change in the end. During my first year at college, I had to make a major visit to the dentist, following which I had to remove two messed up teeth, and wear a set of braces for almost three years of my college life! Food and water seemed worthless to me. So did the goodies! I hated everything neat and nice, as I was accustomed to all the raw and bad. Food tasted like shit. Even my mouth felt disgusting. I could not enjoy food like old times. I had lost my appetite, ruined my health, and ended up being slimmer. Life was kolaveri

teeth killer!!!
Image Courtesy: My Santiago Dentists
Finally the day arrived, I got my teeth all set and shiny. However, my heart and tongue kept longing for old habits, but my mind kept reminding me to stay off. I failed again to the delights of taste. After an year, I was back again at the dentist's; and this time along with all the minor repairing, tuning, and paint jobs, I had to undergo a painful operation to remove my falsely paired wisdom teeth. It was almost graduation, and I could hardly sway. It had to be done. Over. I informed my mom about my experience, and guess what she told me; "This is what happens when you ignore warning signs...and your mom's advice", she said. I had learned my lesson! Now I brush twice a day and also use a mouth wash to keep my mouth clean. What a change huh?

Moral of the Story: "If thy tongue has no appetite, then thou must chew without wisdom!" 
Free AdviceLearn to be healthy! 

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April 20, 2013

We look at the World Differently!

Mystery revolves around these different ones,
Some even question their existence as Adam’s sons
They fight, with might, for what they believe is right,
They accomplish whatever they have locked in their sight!
They see the right in mistakes and the mistakes in right,
No matter what place, dark or bright!
These are the ones who don't just do,
But do with love and passion true!
They imagine the unimaginable and turn it into reality,
They can't be bought and nothing can destroy their integrity
The more you criticize them, the stronger they get,
And after achieving success, they'll make you regret
Misfits and rebels, they are called by the society,
Because doing things differently is their first and last priority.
Hidden they stay, among the ordinary and normal,
They despise the rules, and hate being formal!
And then suddenly, they emerge out of nowhere,

On their way all the boundaries and restrictions they tear,
The world realises how wrong it has been,
For the rebels yesterday were nowhere to be seen!
Such is the story of the rebels and the different ones,
Creativity is the middle name of these sons of guns,
So go with their flow, coz these are the ones who are crazy enough,
To think they can change the world, no matter how tough!

April 18, 2013

Lord, grant me this moment,
As I sword my pen to write;
The world beckons me back,
I face into a stride.
Rhythm flows within my brain,
Tones outside, thunder and rain;
It’s all wasted on nothing,
A mirage to soothe instincts.
Even the shower turns shivers,
As thoughts wash away;
The neighbouring guffaws,
Bellows down unceasing pain.
Cast away all lust, my pride,
Communal clowns and corporate criminals;
This age has all the flows.
Gaily I sway, until death takes me home.

By: Anoop Mathai Mathew
18 April 2013

February 13, 2013

Love is nothing but a mere wastage of time. How do I know? Well, let’s just say that 'time' the teacher has a long way to go in making a man the ultimate sacrifice of lust. The entire process of evolving into a human turns the mental beasts within a man into what many would call as immature and arrogant. Unlikely as it seems, the turbulence born with each human ejection can be considered as a willing state of chaotic melodrama. Most likely, the justified ejaculation of emotion is limited to a timid forte of nouns which some highly intellectual beings would call words. Some even say that with each emotion is born a new sensation of disturbances that resist the manliness in one to cherish into the weapon it was intended to be. Being humane is not a sin, but sin itself is a human tendency. There is no point in trying to play God with nature because you eventually end up doing what you never felt like doing or saying what you never felt like saying. Time is a meaningless entity in the hands of a fool. The fool here refers to each one of us who utilize time for meek pleasures and sublime interests. Then why on earth are we ever born? Oh God! I wish I knew the answer to that question! Well, in the light of this worthless transition, let me take you into the trance of what life feels when you have lost everything.

There's always a limit!!!
Image Courtesy: HowTheHellShouldIKnow - WallyWorld

Every human being is born into this sinful world with the same purpose – live, love and let live. If people just followed these simple rules, how simply beautiful the world would have been. But we humans don’t know what to choose. We are mesmerized by the ample opportunities within our lives that we fail to consider what we make others go through for things to rendezvous in our favor. Every past action in one’s life plays an important role in the growth and development of personal traits. The mind can sway in thoughts within just a fraction of a second. The world may seem a weird place, with weirder people around you. However, hold on to your horses even if it means that you have no more hope left. There is never a fate which occurs without a reason. Think positive, even if it feels negativity has overwritten your life. The feelings of loss, and the heartbreaking effect of its sting can leave you perplexed and in shock. Never loose your faith in yourself however hard the world may come trembling down on you. This is a reminder to those weak minds, just like myself. Hope your perspectives bloom with this humble note. And remember, you are never alone - there's always someone like me who wants to hear your story, just like some of my good friends heard mine too! And to those friends I salute!

January 03, 2013

Absolute Chaos
Image Courtesy: 123rf

Jude law in Massachusetts,
World Peace is Home;
Fashion in 'Gangnam' style,
And the Vatican’s broom!
Pasts of last summer,
Haunt many at plight;
Sandy licked loose,
A 'Kolaveri' of insights!
Justified in dendrelium,
Washed away with the tide,
Mist of long judgment,
Old history on stride!

By: Anoop M. Mathew

P.S.: New word coined by me:
Dendrelium: A state of absolute mental chaos in terms of inexplicable musings. 

The human mind is a gallery of thoughts that needs an eternal list of categorization. Times again, the world keeps spinning like a whirlwind inside those slimy worm like cells which some experts call – The Brain. The brain in any human being is set to clock once a child is born. Even Einstein is said to have used only about 10 percent of his brain until the time of his death. In short, we don’t use our brains! “ Ha! I knew you were coming to this” – isn't that what you just thought? Well I apologize for the lousy intro, but somehow I had to start my first post for the new year with a bash on the head…hence voila!
Live Life and Let Live!
Image Courtesy: World Pulse
I know many of you people out there have taken many new year resolutions. Some of you have decided to quit cigarettes, some might have decided on new year’s eve to stop drinking from ‘next year onward' , and some others might have even thought of joining the gym. Folks, to be frank, life goes on even without you people actually implementing all these resolutions; so don’t bother! Some wise guy once said “Pessimistic Optimism is the Cruelest but most Practical”.  Well I think he meant that on the most optimistic note possible. Some would say it’s karma. Well maybe! However, a little hope, and faith in the Divinity can restore all courage to even the situ soldiers. So hold on to whatever you've got so far, feel the need to improve, and blast off towards your ultimate destiny – a more happier life! God Bless You in this New Year!
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