November 04, 2011

The White Dove

Thick black forest, with her uncurled traces,
Lusty old scales of grasslands in unison,
Sing together a song so beautiful!
Raindrops occasionally fall,
Clearing all stain;
Cleansing all mal!
Breathe thee, scalp;
The air, through it, flow!
The unmanliness eases the fields.
Though harvesting timely without lease,
Pray, forever cease this moment, at bliss,
Like a nourishing white Dove, that brings peace!

David Beckham
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Hair is the essence of life. Your hair shows your age, your sex and surprisingly your behavior as well! It grows, moves, feels, and lives just like all the other parts of your body. But, unlike the other pars, the hair needs constant care. 

Various nourishment creams and shampoos can be used to keep this part of your body healthy and soft. But which creams are to be used, totally depends on your moods and likes. I'd suggest a healthy usage of these products only at occasional intervals. But creams and shampoos? Yes, they make you feel like a woman! I've heard that women have softer skin compared to men. So their hair requirements are totally different from that of men. 

Who is the Dove Man??

Brad Pitt
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The men have more dandruff, more rough edges, more rugged scalps and much lesser hair when compared to women. So choosing hair products should be done on a safe zone. The scalp should be able to breathe even with all the hair. This can ensure lesser migraines, and a healthier lifestyle. I had in fact changed my hairstyle just to improve the breathe functionality to my scalp. Earlier, I used to comb sideways, and often used oil on my hair. This resulted in frequent migraines and the hair never felt like a breeze. Then during my high school days, the fashion changed to combing backwards. I've been adopting this style ever since and the results are just awesome. Once, I tried growing my hair, and left it lie down my neck; I kept doing this very often, until I was unable to control the constant hair fall. Climatic changes and use of different varieties of water can affect your hair easily. My hair reflects a lot about me. It sways with my mood. There's a saying, "One can easily predict the human nature of a person by looking at his hair". My hair is well oiled, once in a week or shall I tell the truth: once in a while now! I'm not a frequent hair product or cream-of-any-kind user. But, I occasionally use shampoo to wash my hair, and keep it cleared off dandruff. I've used Dove, and it's the softness that makes it different from all other products.

This post is dedicated to "Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!" contest on 


Anonymous said...

Hey Sir,
Your blog is just superb!!. You know I always thought that you can predict a persons personality by just looking at their hair. Love the layout of your entire blog post. Lemme tell you the truth, I love the originality in your blogs.. You keep it real bro.. That's what everyone wants to see and hear.
Good luck with all your future blogs.. looking forward to many more.
Keep it versatile.
keep it up bro

Anonymous said...

hey Sir,
You have an awesome blog. Its written with such creativity and zest.. You know the best part of your blogs are that you keep it real.. that's what the world wants to hear today. Loved this one.. I guess its true when said that you can tell a lot from just looking at someone's hair.
Really great post!! enjoyed reading it :)

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Thank You both.

P.S.: For my other friends who would like to post a comment, please do mention a name.

eleena said...

so its about men...well i got sme knwledge readin it..da n im real poor i vocabulary..but i can ur real gud at this!!!!god bless u!

Ranting Indian said...

Cool post and best of luck with the competition. Please find my posts here:

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Reicha Ahluwalia said...

I was smiling when i read this post... really cool..
For the first time i scan this post on a boy's blog, generally i was finding gals writing more about it,putting pictures of their long hair.

Lovely !
All the best :)

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

@Reicha: Thanks. Boys are no different from girls you see. We have hair too:-D

don7tk said...

Nice one, love your poem part. Love Becks & his hair. Great to see you respect privacy & showcase the original links of the images. Sent your add req on Indi

Anoop Mathew said...

Thank you don7tk.

B.sampath chary said...

Well written post :) Very nice article..
all d best wishes. :)
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Check out sure ul like my post.

geet said...

all d best:) nice post!

Anoop Mathew said...

Thank You!

Anoop Mathew said...

Thank You! I'll check it out :-)

Anoop Mathew said...

Thank You Eleena! Writing is a passion! You can always express your feelings, it's a free world after all!

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Those guys are all look different now, not so much gel on their heads.

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