December 03, 2011

One night in the Amrita Express…

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I was on the way back from college. The 5th exam had gotten over, and it was time for a long study break. We deserved a long trip home, as frying asses on the examophobeboreattact wasn’t my type. In spite of the addiction to the internet, the days had to be spent at home. It’s been a while since I’d seen my place, and the folks were worried that I’d forgotten about them.
So, off I took into the realm of the travelogue you're reading now.
At first, the bumpy bus ride, took me from my college to the nearest town. Being the only source of hope, I had to take the earliest train to our destination as the pilgrimage season was going on. Managing all the hurdles of a rush hour, I got past the railway station and board the first train, the West Coast Express. The mayhem of wild monkeys from all over the world reigned in that jungle of adventure. There was a lot to explore and the world seemed a tinier place with the advent of faster technologies and click lifestyle.
An assuring barbarian dinner of some rich south Indian and continental cuisines had set my stomach churning, and the sleep glands were getting their full. Once entering the train, the occupation of one’s empire was a niche of easy touch. Lucky for me, I found peace! But sleep was the worst option on a tired old day trip on a train. I’m a pillow guy, who likes to hug, squeeze and sleep on his pillow. Most kids love a fluffy teddy bear at bed, but my mate was the pillow. Over the years, the times on train rides had caught up my imagination and I was found to love my bag. The habit of hugging my bag had come to reality. But unfortunately for me, today, my bag was heavy.
On entering the train, I had found neighbors who were on a saga to the holy mountains. But, one little girl among them caught my attention. She was trying her best to fall asleep in her daddy’s arms, but the discomfort was so restless it kept her awake all night. My overweight bag had started to hurt my legs, so I offered it to her to use it as a pillow. To my utter surprise, she immediately liked it and started loving it, sleeping well for the rest of the night. On nearing my destination, I had to forcibly pull away my bag at my stop. The possessive ideology no longer sprouted wings, and today I lay content with emotions as I remember that day again. 

P.S.: As was written on 19th November 2011.

Examophobiboreattact was a word coined by me and you can see more about it here

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