November 04, 2011

For Pete's sake call it FASHION!!!

Step it up in style! The passion for fashion is never lost within the minds of a zillion mental-math-materialistically-mad populations, among whom we live our normal lives. The era of funk and slim-fits is born today and I am no less an appreciator of clothing.

Forget the boring costumes that we see every-day at all the other shops in the world. Nonetheless, there’s always a passion for more trends and a new tear or a wear of color soon builds up hype and hoots off as the latest trend. This is highly evident in the youth of the world today. I don’t know if it’s my edgy attitude towards clothing ever since I was a kid, or my recent like of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ that caught me up tangled in this write-up.

True Religion Tee-Shirts
-white color with Skull design
From earlier childhood, I hated wearing formals, tucking in and pants! Yes I hated pants! Don’t get me wrong either, I’m a denim guy!! The love for tees and round necks was born even as I matured my early eras in Kuwait. During my high school days, the need for fashion came into being. That’s when I started pestering my dad for my own boots. Yes, boots with all the necessary good looks were available back in those days, but none of which were in my reach! I ended up buying the cheapest boots available, and hardly used it for like 6 months!

Unlike the modern age of sleek converse all-stars, the earlier days envied the lust for the heels. Big hard soles that’d last a million days were preferred over the tiny looking weightless sneakers used today. This reminds me of my Yimada heels. Those heavy monsters totaled up to 3 kilos, but lasted for about 3 years until I decided to change my style. The big pocket denim jeans that’d look bigger than your actual size with a nice New York Yankees white cap, a Manchester United round neck jersey or a white Puma tee shirt with your own personality typed all over it, cashed in with a cool Casio Edifice (or better watch) with a chronograph, and a good old Nike sports shoe, was a dream that never came true for me. However, I currently own a Giordano watch, and a Casio Edifice watch too; along with a cool pair of Lee Cooper Originals Red Diamond shoes and an Adidas jacket to suit my taste.  

Luis Trenker
-ideal for travelers
Today, the tides have changed, and I’d love to wear a tipsy converse style shoe, over white tees, skinny jeans and a hoot cap like the one that’s seen worn by NeYo in almost all his songs. 

There's a luxury private shopping club named QVENDO which is an exclusive club providing western brands and their products at a discount. They provide a high end selection of premier brands for those who yearn for the latest fashion, along with an assurance for fast delivery and high security of transactions. But, I'd prefer the True Religion collection for myself as they speak of 'retro' and 'edgy' while the essence of youth is maintained lively through their products. The Luis Trenker sweater is an awesome pick for  frequent travelers who go on train rides and long journeys. 

Replay Unisex Watch
-for the young look

The Unisex watch by Replay provides an intriguing design that shows how unique you are at your thoughts. The design is quite different from the rest, and sure to attract second looks. The strap design is also a symbol of hard young spirit.

Bobby Mid Drifter Jeans
from True Religion
-true style

And to sum it all up with a sleek mid-drifter Bobby Jeans from True Religion is a basic quest for any young mind. Although there are other brands, the shopping experience provided by QVENDO is quite different, you can check it out for yourself at 

The crazy world of fashion never stops ending, and the mankind's always greedy for more. So there's no point complaining you're not at the top, learn to change with time, be versatile!

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Ranting Indian said...

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maji said...

Lovely Post Anoop...luv it!!

Steff said...

Hey Anoop, this is a decent article..but i feel that you need to rephrase "The crazy world of fashion never stops ending"... You could say it as, "the elusive world of fashion is ever-changing/or evolving every day and mankind is always greedy for more"

Good luck!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

@Steffi: I was looking forward towards the craziness that never stops ending in the field of fashion. Thank You:-D

DS said...

Hi Anoop,
Well written... Read my post when free.
All the best:)

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