November 20, 2011

Guest Appearance: Like Never Before


A day unusual, stormy and dark,
The sudden thunder, the occasional bark,
My words were silent, no single remark,
It was raining and pouring, like never before.

I saw her, standing by the road,
My heart went croaking like a toad,
My soul was wet, my spirits soared,
She looked so beautiful, like never before.

Warm was her glance, cold was the air,                            
There she stood n flirted with her hair,                    
And all I could do was stand and stare,                                    
She looked so amazing, like never before.                         

Suddenly she turned and walked towards me,                          
I already went weak down in my knee,                             
My heart was beating, fluttering and free,
I was addicted, like never before.

I stood up to her as she just brushed past,
What if she left, what if this was the last,
I had to quick n fast,
I wanted her badly, like never before.

I stopped her walk, trembling with fear,
My eyes could see nothing, but I was in top gear,
Her face I saw then, so angelic n clear,
I melted in there, like never before.

I opened my umbrella, invited her in,
In the darkness all around, I could sense light within,
Would this be my first original sin,
A sinner I felt, like never before.

I held her hand, I looked her in the eye,
I could never leave her, never say goodbye,
It was time for me, to live or die,
I proposed to her, like never before.

She pulled back her hand and threw me on the floor,
She stomped away from there, it surely was a no,
Rejected and dejected, my heart felt the blow.
I cried out on the street, like never before

Abandoned by her, I felt half dead,
My spirits sunk just like my drooping head,
My eyes were weeping, they wept and bled,
I stood so hurt like never before.

My senses were numb,as I walked through the street,
I moved ahead, as I struggled with my feet,
A car threw me off, I could almost feel its heat,
I felt so dead, like never before.

I could see her now from the corner of my eye,
She rushed to me as I knew I was gonna die,
With a warm hug, I said her a final goodbye,
I knew I had loved her like never before.

By: Rakesh D'mello

© This content belongs to Rakesh D'mello and cannot be used in anyway without permission.

P.S.: Thank You Rakesh for your support. This is my 3rd Guest Appearance post on The Friend's Lobby.


Saru Singhal said...

A very beautiful narration. Expressed things in such profound words that I felt it.

Majida Shaheen said...

heyy Rakes, itz very beautifully composed..loved every line of it, like never before!!;) keep writing!!

Rony Joy elavumparayil said...

Good yar,keep writing

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