January 29, 2012

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Climbing the ladder to success is like watering a never ending fountain. The human perspective of clear vision is achieved once we get a clear ideology of things. To prove this concept, mankind has ever since kept trying to climb the steps of wisdom to achieve success. But where does this wisdom lie? 

A lunatic soul once took off to the Himalayas. His hand was filled with breadcrumbs of formulae to nourish his daily inspiration. But little did he know that the birds of the air were far better thinkers than his perverted mind. Keeping aside all strain, he hustled towards his goal, conquering over milestones and surpassing missile toes of misfortune. As he etched towards his peak, he noticed that life felt stranger and lonelier. He wished for companionship but found none. Hardened by the ever thirsty feeling for love, he rechecked his past to find that all he gained was worthless. Life suddenly felt like a breeze, and he was a stranger to the world around him. Desperate for redemption, he pursued towards the heights even against all odds. Wind and rain broke down his splendor, and tree roots filled his stomach. But the room for lust had died and snowfall had filled his life. Finally, at the end of time, he reached the top only to find himself a lonely man with no bonds, no more passion and a lost life. The end may seem bitter but this may be what you would expect from the saga of a Yogi.

Success can blind you, but never forget where you came from. A humble man who shows self-restraint is better than a proud boaster. Sometimes we forget that we are mere human, bound to humane errors and chased by unfulfilled dreams. The real successful people are those who can smile even at the darkest hours of their lives, with the courage that all will turn out for the good. My salute to such minds!

January 18, 2012

Hard to build, easier to break 
Breaking trust is a piece of cake 
Building trust may take so long 
That breaking it, will seem so wrong. 
Every relationship is built on trust 
Love and care never lets it rust 
Trusting a stranger is hard to do 
Especially when they act sweet and try to woo 
Trusting someone is giving him the capability 
To break you down into pieces, wholly and completely 
Yet, you are so sure that they will not 
Its your confidence and faith, not an option that you got 
Trust, you see, is a powerful word 
So has been told, so has been heard 
Trust cannot be given to all 
Neither can be obtained By means of maul 
Trusting blindly is a gift you give 
And this trust is destined to live 
In the hearts of friends forever 
In years to come through fruitful endeavour! 

By: Majida Shaheen

January 07, 2012

Image Courtesy: www.corporeality.net
Human mind is a wonderful machine of vibrant thoughts. It works like a wonder and the greatest challenge faced by even the best psychologist is to analyse the human thought. If anyone could control his own thoughts, he would redefine the concept of 'perfection'. Unlike the earlier version of homo-sapiens and the men of the previous century, our era has evolved into a more desperate kind. We want more than what has been achieved by our ancestors. Newer inventions and discoveries are yet to be made. Particularly, the concept of a greener planet is a myth that is slowly coming to life with the advent of newer technologies that assist in the production of better features of lifestyle. Our ancestors may have destroyed the planet, but our breed of survivors are trying to replenish the adverse effects of the past with smarter solutions. Let us hope that with time there will be a better understanding within humans themselves about the need for a cleaner planet. The urge must be sown within each of us, only then can a change take place. We have to change ourselves first, before we try to change the planet. We need to shed our skins of greediness and selfishness, eradicate corruption, support freedom for all, and equal rights to all; only then can we change the planet. Otherwise, all that we keep trying to do will end up just like a hole in the pocket of a government employee. With this small touch of thought, let's begin our endeavor into this new year with a different perspective. Happy New Year!!!
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