September 18, 2012

My Mr. Right...


It only used to be in my dreams, it seems
Romantic beaches and lush flowery greens
Me and my Mr. Right wandering about
In my head, run millions of doubts
Is he the one I’ve been waiting for?
The one I’ll love? The one I’ll adore?
The one I’ll spend my entire life with?
Sounds less like a fact, more like a myth!
Will he love me? Will he care?
His whole life, with me he’ll share?
Tall, dark and handsome, he isn’t!
But there is nothing about him I resent
He has surely got a heart of gold
My hands, he’ll forever hold!
He is charming like a gentleman
He in my life, was God’s superb plan
He gently bends and whispers in my ear
“I’ll never let you shed, even a single tear
I promise to always keep you smiling
In every phase of life, I’ll be loving and caring!”
His words have definitely knocked me out
I want to get on a mountain peak and shout
“He’s definitely the one I’ve been waiting for
The one I’ll love? The one I’ll adore!
The one I’ll spend my entire life with,
It’s a fact now, no more a myth!”

P.S.: Majida is a frequent guest poster and a good friend. Thank You Majida for this post!


Kutub said...

Lovely poem.. Awesome words n sweet thoughts.. Write more plzz

Anonymous said...

Pretty poem, I enjoyed reading it and day dreaming. :3 Hehe.

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