Come on pal, let's play!
Writing and sharing creative ideas is always a wonderful talent developer. It can help to make the most out of our small lives. Here is a page that is dedicated to all the Guest Appearances that I've received on my blog. If you are interested to submit your work, please do let me know.
Creativity and designing works are totally passion oriented. Sometimes a good design can take time to be created, and may require various ideas from different minds. It's always a great idea to express oneself through pictures or designs. Like many know, a picture can speak more than thousand words.
What are Friends for after all???
Here, I'd like to share some of the designs submitted by my friends, and some my own too. If you would like to publish your design here, please let me know.

This is the work done by my friend Vishnu R. Nair. Please check it out.
Painful Dilemma (Poetry)
-by Vishnu R. Nair
(click to enlarge photo)
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