November 02, 2011

Potter hood

Pottery Works
Grit to glamour, the wheel’s on spree;
Mashed up tatters, like summer ghee!
Thrashed in Potter, the clay he had;
Pressed it harder, with his hands!
Turned he tumbling, through water sprays,
Mounded ramblings; smoothed and swayed!
Carved he, illustrious, through an artist’s mind,
Young and zealous, design of a kind!
Burned his desire of prototype cast,
Till its marvelous and tuned to last.

By: Anoop M. Mathew
Date: 02-11-2011

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Saru Singhal said...

Seriously, hats off to your creativity...:)

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

@Saru: :-D Thank You. Need to improve myself a lot. :-)

leoPaw said...

Anoop. This is wonderful. Love it.

maji said...

hw did u cm up wid potters?? nonetheless well-written!!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

@Maji: Thanks. It was a midnight melancholy. :-P

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