Who am I?
Hai there! 

I'm Anoop Mathew, a student of MBA - Telecom Management and an ex-Network Operations Engineer from Kochi, Kerala, India. I'm not much of a blogger, but shall try my best to keep things simple and interesting at the same time. 

Poetry interests me; I guess I got that habit from my Dad. Reading during free hours is pure passion. I prefer to read detective stories, romantic tales and fiction. 

At present, my favorite pass times include spending lots of quality time on the internet, listening to music, going on bicycle trips, watching movies, and fishing. 

I've also recently bought a DSLR and have been clicking some shots with the expertise learned from the internet. Hope you like them.

I've also learned to play the keyboard and enjoy coin collecting as a hobby. 

The Friend's Lobby is a blog which is created to share with the world what I truly feel, most of the time, and also express whatever incidents I encounter. This is a one man effort to make a change within himself, and also to try and inspire the world with his ideas. I hope that this blog of mine will stay as a memorandum of thoughts for the aspiring minds.

The ATF Network was the name I gave to my initial website, which consisted of a forum with more than 50 members, named "The Friends Colony", a personal website named "ATF WebSite" and an E-mail provider service. ATF stands for Anoop The Friend - a title that I chose myself to publish my website. Since then, the passion within me grew more and more, and today it has come to the state of this blog, and other projects including The Imperfect Snap & the latest TelecoTalk Blog as well.

Burning Desires on Digital Ink

"If we did all the things we are capable of, we'd literally astound ourselves"
-Sir Thomas Alva Edison
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