November 03, 2011

Exam-o Begins-oO Today-oOoO!

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Dear Diary,
                    Today, the university examinations will begin with a bang. Its been quite some time since this serene atmosphere of education has been playing tricks with my mind. I was able to coin a new word about it last year; however this year the scenario may or may not change depending on my attitude. The laziness never stops slowing, and within me a humane creature's growing.   
"Lord, I pray that the tides that run along the shore, keep my ship sailing, and the compass that I hold, doesn't end up in wailing. Until I reach that shore, of destiny's pure goal, I pray Thee Lord, guard Thou my soul! And may my papers and pen, be filled with wisdom and ink all through-out the day. The 3 hours is a great deal, and 40 pages is what I've to reel. Without Thy guidance, I am finished; life without the creator is as good as perished! Count not my never-ending sins, and shortcomings I carry within, and please guide my paths from Thy heavenly abode. All this I pray in Your Name! Amen!"

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