November 10, 2011

Mixed Emotions!

Assumptions are part of one's characteristic behavior. In life, the secret of a healthy relationship is often misunderstood as cooperation. It's in fact understanding and coordination that needs to go hand in hand with patience. Patience is a virtue never to be tampered with. Every human being has a limit of tolerance, the level of which is subjected to change with respect to individual characteristics. Some mature earlier than others. I refer to maturity as the insight of the mind.

Walking tall at an early age is an achievement, yet staying at the peak or levelled height is a crafted skill. When maturity gets mixed with innovation, the humility of the person may vary. It is said, 'Don't bite more than you can chew'. The same applies to Patience. It is an art to be practised, without which Success may seem far away.

Tolerance is yet another quality. A sensitive person may not possess the similar level of tolerance as compared to a thoughtful person. 'Think first then act' is often never exercised in practical life. A majority of the individuals in this era do not know how to react to a situation. Facing a challenge is quite difficult while compared to preaching the tactics. Never give up is the motto which should be inspired by positive thinking.

Thinking high can lead to a better understanding of life. "Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss it, you'll land among the stars", is an often quoted phrase which is relevant in our lives. We often set smaller goals and try in vain to achieve them. But try setting a bigger goal, say to live a happy life, then you'll find that the desire and determination to succeed in attaining your destiny comes in naturally. This will help to make smaller goals a reality to pave the paths to the ultimate destiny: A longer and happier life! 

How to be Happy?
Keep Your Heart free from Hatred
Your Mind from Worry
Accept Little
Give Much
Sing Often
Pray Always
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed! 
Ever since I was a kid, this question would pop up to me whenever it got a chance, “What do you want to be when you’re grown up?” The same thought has been whacking my brains out for over a decade now. At first it was a dream to get my first computer, after years of bugging my dad and mom. Later on, after getting my Pentium-III ‘Workstation’, I started breaking it up into bits, well hypothetically speaking! I’d sit on it all day and do all kinds of mischief that you’d expect a teenager to do. My next mission was to understand the computer better. So I started to upgrade myself with the internet. The world of internet was a slow poison, and today it has resulted in a more dramatically available version of ‘me’, whom many of you describe as ‘nocturnal’. So does this nocturnal computer maniac solve the end of the quiz? I assume not! Don’t be fooled by my petite introductions and lousy lines, because I’m not the least person you may think I am. Then you may wonder, “Who are you really?” I’m a person who’s in a quest for enlightenment, to find my purpose in life. Satisfied? Didn’t I tell you not to make wild guesses??

Are you happy with what you do???
All mankind is born to earth with a purpose I believe. And according to my stand today, I want to be a man who spreads happiness to everyone. Seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Yes, quite frankly speaking, I’m not at all perfect; in fact no one is perfect! Everyone has their own weaknesses, and some positive strength. But do we use our talents positively?

Assuming that the world will end in the 2012 as per the calculations of the Mayan calendar, and the happenings around the world, would you be happy to die the life that you’ve lived so far? My question is simple: Are you happy with your life?

The greatest desire that a man should have while living on earth is to live a happy life, and to make others around him happy. A content man is hard to find in this era. Everyone is greedy for more, and keep hoarding for their future generations. But don’t we as humans have a responsibility to this world? When we are happy, shouldn’t we care for the million others who are suffering?

One small act of random kindness can stir a change even in a situ mind, anywhere on earth. So spread the cheer, and let us try to keep aside all jealousy, lust, anger, hatred, and other evil thoughts, and live as happy humans till the end of our lives. Is that too much to ask for?

Image Courtesy: A friend


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