September 27, 2011

Today was an action packed day. A day that's so rare in it's own kind; a day which took me to places I've longed to see yet couldn't because of my ego and shy attire.Today, I've achieved what i didn't in the past 3 years, I've visited a prominent part of Namakkal and roamed around her out-skirts, freely like a man should be! I never know this situation would arise. It so deliberately happened that i had to purchase some novels for the symposium that is due at my college. I was accompanied by two of my friends, who had not the rarest clue that i was a first timer to this part of the town that's nearest to my college. It's a shame that I had never shown the guts to try out a venture into this place. A fear of the inevitable, as many people would call it, had blinded me over the years. I have never felt confidence in myself to stand up and be a human being with emotional qualities. But the time and tide keep changing, and today one such coincidence gathered my wildest dreams into reality. I'm thankful to the Almighty that each situation that i'm put into is a rare occasion to me, and it's a chance for improving myself. The whole day was spent in front of the Principal's office, involving myself in various activities for the symposium. And now i'm back at the hostel, resting and content; lying in peace until dreams cast me away into sound sleep! 
Once upon an autumn season,
Way back in time,
There was an apple,
In a tree we'll all love to find.
As usual it hung on the branches,
Finding it daily strength,
It grew as one beautiful fruit,
That would bring joy to someone's life.
But one day, the wind blew,
Strong and it wouldn't stop,
The apple hung on to dear life,
If it fell, then there's no smiles.
The raindrops began to flow,
Finally it gave in to the blow,
It fell down onto a man,
Isaac Newton was struck hard and fast!
Well this is the saddest part of all,
What more can you ask for?
If an apple a day could keep the doctor away?,
Why did it turn Newton astray?
Science and Gravitational force,
Even at Eden where man met woman,
Everywhere this fruit has caused havoc,
Even today, life hangs on an Apple!

Written By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 22nd September 2011

P.S. What would you do if you were the apple that fell on Newton's head?

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September 17, 2011

A normal day travel on a train can cause you to write wonders, just by looking at the happenings inside your boggy. Have you felt the same?

Saga of a Survivor
Through the shadows of night,
I travelled by a way of mockers;
They gossip about black dime,
And meek treasures of human slaughter.
A path so broad and open,
Full of souls that lust of the mortal.
Evil spirits haunt till dawn,
Around Castles of Living ‘Dead men’.
The new moon must rise,
Till then they carry their melodrama,
And once they’re drunk deep with love,
They lose conscious and murder.
Hastily missing each foul did I,
Survival as Only Aim in mind,
I cast these thoughts away,
Like a butterfly on a glide...

Written By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 18th June 2010

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I wrote this for my college magazine last year. It's a reminder of the days that we'd spend and how we long to cherish our friendship. Hope you'll enjoy reading it.
The College Memory
Lost in time...
I found this precious rhyme...
When I closed my eyes,
A nerve just pumped it out.
Days of sleepless wander,
Made me think of the past...
My college and friends,
A family I left behind...
Memories haunt me today,
Amidst the worldly bliss...
Slowly I live each day,
Biting silent tears under my breath...
All the fun we had...
And all the pranks we played...
Will remain a memory,
Forever, hereafter...
Will a reunion I see,
After 50 years or so...?
Will I be alive then...
To see my buddies again...?
Time will judge our luck...
And the tide our fate...
But let eternity unite us again
My Dear College Mate!

Poem By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 30/06/2010

Wrote this one a long time ago. It's been published twice in some well known christian magazines in India and abroad. Hope you'll like it.
Spread Your Wings
By: Anoop M. Mathew

As a child goes to its father
I went before God’s presence
Asking him for guidance
In every sphere of life

He said to me, “My child,
You may not understand,
But you are too young
To be set free into this sinful world.”

“This world that you live in
It’s filled with corruption
A slow poison that will eat you
Lest you know or see it.”

“You are now under heavenly protection
I have given you good parents
To guide and teach you
Various incidents to mould you
Develop your character and skill”

“You will be taught to gain Knowledge
But Wisdom you must seek
Wisdom to live and survive
It will guide you throughout life
Ask for it and you will receive it.”

“She will help you gain life
You will become the winner
Spread Your Wings,
And fly as high as possible
Only Sky will be the Limit.”                                                                      

I'm Robot!!!
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Hello there Good Friend!
How do you do?
I hate to tell you this
But you look so cute!
I like the way you move it
You don’t seem to know
That when you shake your body
It makes me fall in love!
Its meek common instinct
That brought me close to you
We never knew each other
Until now that – “I propose you!”
I’m serious about this relation
But how about you?
Do you even consider
What makes me love you?
It’s not your beauty or style
Nor the size of your lips
But I like the person you are
From the inside of my chip
Is this enough for a start?
I really don’t know
B’Coz I never felt like this
Till you made me feel it so.
Don’t break my machine
Nor ever leave my side
Coz I’m too shy to live
If I don’t get a good reply.
Why is the world like this?
Why does it lie?
Why did we meet each other,
If you couldn’t be mine….???
I hate to admit
But this is the truth
Without any emotions
But loaded with many skills
(This is just an automatic message
Hope you liked it
I just kept on writing to check
How many words I could rhyme!!!)

By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 15-03-2008

September 06, 2011


It's funny when poetry comes to you, uncontrolled,
I just can’t help but wonder, 
When it'll fill my soul
And take off all blunders.
It keeps me awake like a mansion without sunshades attached
And people living inside rooms where curtains are no match
I've seen places and people 
Who lust of the dead
But where is the enjoyment, if you must, I’ll have said
That it's right in your heart...
And the moments are what you create
Coz no happiness comes by itself
Unless you make it happen within!
Hmm...looks like i'm out for today..
Life moves on each day
The days in the past, 
Like a whisper on the wind betray
I seldom set foot on this ground
But if it weren't for you, I’d be bound
So much, so little, so many at last
All this seems true, it's coming too fast
Oh gosh! I'm dead, the times are a blast
And the future is dormant, my feet feel the dash
But life still springs it's envy tonight
In hopes to recreate those moments I delight
Why do I rhyme at will??
When all I see is the future at bliss??
Lord, beg thee, take my life, coz it's Your’s, still
For mine has dead, and yours’ I'll live
(the end probabily)

Anoop M. Mathew

P.S. I wrote this while facebook-chatting with my friend on the above mentioned date. Thanks to her interest, i was able to type this much in about 2 minutes. It's just crazy when the mind plays tricks on you!!

September 03, 2011

    Life in the film industry has its ups and downs. At first you enter as a new comer, well that's only if you get a chance or you have close relatives who envy your looks, or because your dad or mom were ex-stars. The film industry for women, has become a market place of uncertain prodigies. The havoc created in modern cinema is mean, cruel and unrealistic. Cinemas today run totally around the woman, mainly the actress: the way she dresses, moves her hips, shows her cleavage and you know the rest. Why only cinema, just take a look at any of the advertisements seen on the television, do they make any sense? The funny thing is that even for a small ad, a woman has to set a part of her modesty apart. What is happening to us? Why are people changing like this?

     Just imagine 5 or 10 or 15 years from now, your kid who is watching television happens to see a "scene" and asks you what a particular word means; You know the word is inappropriate for the child, but how do you convince him/her to let it go? This problem will get even more serious with the advent of latest technological advancements as kids who were being given their daily dose of play-stations and X-boxes today, will soon replace them with the latest smart-phones and the unlimited knowledge from the vast cloud we call the internet.  

    Arriving back to my point, let me ask you: Who is a real actress? According to my knowledge and experience (well i have got some first hand info: it doesn't make me a paparazzi though), the actress is someone who portrays the real life of a woman in the situation given to her in the story. The story as we all know gets more twisted (thanks to all those crazy script writers and directors who keep thinking how to make 'this' sound like 'that' without loosing it's essence) with its scenes, songs and stunts. But is all this affecting the life of the woman inside the actress? 

     As we all know, modern era is filled with corruption and crime, and there is no limit to the amount of stories that build up around a person. Consider an actress who has acted in a recent super-hit movie; would she be left to walk alone on a street without someone taking a picture of her or commenting on her attire? The answer is unfortunately, NO. 

     Mankind today, has evolved, not in the IQ rate but in the idiocrazy rate. As time goes by, i believe that the world will create a situation where it is unbearable for women to live, most probably leading to the end of the world...well i guess you know now why?

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