April 20, 2013

We look at the World Differently!

Mystery revolves around these different ones,
Some even question their existence as Adam’s sons
They fight, with might, for what they believe is right,
They accomplish whatever they have locked in their sight!
They see the right in mistakes and the mistakes in right,
No matter what place, dark or bright!
These are the ones who don't just do,
But do with love and passion true!
They imagine the unimaginable and turn it into reality,
They can't be bought and nothing can destroy their integrity
The more you criticize them, the stronger they get,
And after achieving success, they'll make you regret
Misfits and rebels, they are called by the society,
Because doing things differently is their first and last priority.
Hidden they stay, among the ordinary and normal,
They despise the rules, and hate being formal!
And then suddenly, they emerge out of nowhere,

On their way all the boundaries and restrictions they tear,
The world realises how wrong it has been,
For the rebels yesterday were nowhere to be seen!
Such is the story of the rebels and the different ones,
Creativity is the middle name of these sons of guns,
So go with their flow, coz these are the ones who are crazy enough,
To think they can change the world, no matter how tough!

April 18, 2013

Lord, grant me this moment,
As I sword my pen to write;
The world beckons me back,
I face into a stride.
Rhythm flows within my brain,
Tones outside, thunder and rain;
It’s all wasted on nothing,
A mirage to soothe instincts.
Even the shower turns shivers,
As thoughts wash away;
The neighbouring guffaws,
Bellows down unceasing pain.
Cast away all lust, my pride,
Communal clowns and corporate criminals;
This age has all the flows.
Gaily I sway, until death takes me home.

By: Anoop Mathai Mathew
18 April 2013
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