November 27, 2011

If only I knew lust's unreal
If only I felt life surreal
If only I dream of desires tall
If only I made my self whole
If only time would cease the pain
If only days would ease in gain
If only seconds would breathe life
If only goals were passion filled
If only nations were unified still
If only jobs made happiness last
If only vows were seriously cast
If only water was clean again
If only animals wouldn't exist in vain
If only honesty was not a myth
If only I were a better human
Hmm...if only...!

Poem By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 20-11-2011
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November 20, 2011

A day unusual, stormy and dark,
The sudden thunder, the occasional bark,
My words were silent, no single remark,
It was raining and pouring, like never before.

I saw her, standing by the road,
My heart went croaking like a toad,
My soul was wet, my spirits soared,
She looked so beautiful, like never before.

Warm was her glance, cold was the air,                            
There she stood n flirted with her hair,                    
And all I could do was stand and stare,                                    
She looked so amazing, like never before.                         

Suddenly she turned and walked towards me,                          
I already went weak down in my knee,                             
My heart was beating, fluttering and free,
I was addicted, like never before.

I stood up to her as she just brushed past,
What if she left, what if this was the last,
I had to quick n fast,
I wanted her badly, like never before.

I stopped her walk, trembling with fear,
My eyes could see nothing, but I was in top gear,
Her face I saw then, so angelic n clear,
I melted in there, like never before.

I opened my umbrella, invited her in,
In the darkness all around, I could sense light within,
Would this be my first original sin,
A sinner I felt, like never before.

I held her hand, I looked her in the eye,
I could never leave her, never say goodbye,
It was time for me, to live or die,
I proposed to her, like never before.

She pulled back her hand and threw me on the floor,
She stomped away from there, it surely was a no,
Rejected and dejected, my heart felt the blow.
I cried out on the street, like never before

Abandoned by her, I felt half dead,
My spirits sunk just like my drooping head,
My eyes were weeping, they wept and bled,
I stood so hurt like never before.

My senses were numb,as I walked through the street,
I moved ahead, as I struggled with my feet,
A car threw me off, I could almost feel its heat,
I felt so dead, like never before.

I could see her now from the corner of my eye,
She rushed to me as I knew I was gonna die,
With a warm hug, I said her a final goodbye,
I knew I had loved her like never before.

By: Rakesh D'mello

© This content belongs to Rakesh D'mello and cannot be used in anyway without permission.

P.S.: Thank You Rakesh for your support. This is my 3rd Guest Appearance post on The Friend's Lobby.

November 16, 2011

It feels strange, I just had a dream last night. In this particular dream, however, I was a medieval knight in search of hidden treasury. The treasury was to be brought forth for my King from an unknown land. All the clue that was available with me was a ring that said 'It is better to be envied than to be pitied'. The realm began as I quested into the denseness of the menace of the lavender filled cotton forest. Unlike the early fairy tales, my own tale had certain strange twists and bends. I was not the leader of my pack. I was just a soldier. A mere follower of the commands that he received. So on wards we went. At some point on my journey, it so happened that we made allies with the mutual rivals who were also in search of the treasure. I kept wondering throughout the dream why I had to make friendship with those who seek bad, or those who stood against my path. As though a dream on a dream, a heavenly scroll appeared in my dream's dream (now that's insane). And guess what the scroll read? "To get votes, you need to talk; to get friends, you need to listen; for votes are not the end of the world. Make your life full with a happy ending!" And lo! I woke up!!!


P.S.: This was the first thing I did today. I woke up and posted it on Facebook right away. Just for the record I'm re-posting it on my blog. 

November 14, 2011

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How I was born…

The road thru Timesville feels strange,
My master had for me found a place
History begins with a Desert Storm
My parents were about to have a baby boy
Prayed they, “Lord, grant us this joy”,
“Please let it be a morning toy”. 

But my Creator had better plans,
He did what must seem cruel at land!
And so it happened, the water broke
At nine p.m., after the dinner clock.
Dad feared a threat, but Mom must go
Be hospitalized to deliver me, lo!
So took them, risk, of severe kind; 
Crossed men of zing, with life in God’s hands!
Time was believed to heal the pain,
But then, time was a wicked snare! 
Mom was relieved after I was born,
But at that time Dad was at gun point!
Even today Dad tells me this tale
To remind me of God’s Glory!
For you who read, it may sound pale;
Once I a dream, now pen this story!
 (c) Poem By: Anoop M. Mathew Dated: 12-11-2011

Glimpses from the Gulf War
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Time the teacher...

When you act naive at times, that’s when you get your punishment. There’s always a reason why certain things happen to us. And almost all the time it happens due to certain things we fail to realize that are important to us. The feeling of regret comes only later on when we get back in our senses and that too only after a particular amount of time. The situation arises each day because we often neglect the situ things that matter to us in the long run. As human beings, we often face memory problems. These problems result in unwanted expectations amongst our lives that create a feeling of regret for our terrified minds. 

Man is an opportunist and makes use of all the possibilities he gets, just in order that he does not regret the past or its actions. The feeling of having never tried to do the right thing always lingers in the deepest corners of our minds. Time will judge out fate, as each day goes by, we move on our separate lives, all living towards a goal to endure further in the era of liberalization of oneself in this world. The often turned numbness that we endure is described by the never ending prodigies of self realization. The time can judge our fates, but the tides can never really wash away our lies.

The dawn of judgment will arise only when we make use of time in the most effective manner. Time is a tool that takes the toll of turning the human being into the weapon he was intended for. The weapon here is an illustration of either good or evil. But the truth always prevails with the good.

The day the Earth stood still...

Time moves like a Breeze!
Image Courtesy: PageResource

Pondering upon the realms of reality is like watering a never ending fountain. The times we live in are filled with fast moving technologies that keep us often away from ourselves. We do not get time to spend for our own. We don’t stop to think about what has happened, let alone dream. How then can our long lost desires come to life?

The day with its 24 hours, sounds perfect for a normal human being. But consider the psychology of someone who likes to think outside the box. The greatest desire a man can have is time. The need for time is evident in our daily lives. Often we don’t find time to do the important chores in our lives. But is it so important to live a life likewise?

Time can change a man, break a man, mold a man and mend a man. With time the tales of past incidents can be taken as lessons for a better future.

The fOol’s Play...

What is time in the hands of a fool when all he knows to do is to vent his emotions? The world today has gone haywire with the trend of false passion. Everything wrong is considered as the essence and the niche to eternal satisfaction is often perverseness. The ideals of a simple man no longer exist in this era of uncertain menaces who reign over empires of unsinkable pleasure.
Each second counts...
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Time has no value. Effortless of deceive, the human kind has diminished from a mere forte of sincere population to a realm of pride hunting, blood sucking, dare I say, heart breaking survivors. Yes, survival is the only aim, and the means to achieve it are infinite. The value for morality is a long lost fairy tale, suited only for the noble. But where can you find a noble man after all?

A day gives us 24 hours. The 8 or so hours that we spend sleeping can be avoided, but what do we do during the remaining time? The idea of bringing a smile to the faces of a zillion lives each day can only be a dream. But, have you tried to bring a smile on the face of at least one person?

If time is a killer, then why do you need Extra Time...??

As selfish humans, do we need extra time? An extra 2 hours a day will be wasted on selfish intentions. What difference does it make in our already pathetic lives?

When the day's done and the morrow's at sunrise, just ponder back at life and thank all the people who made you happy; and think of how many people you made happy today. Then you'll realize how truly Happiness exists! That's the true value you would have given to time! And that's what I would try to do if an extra 2 hours were added to my day!

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November 10, 2011

Assumptions are part of one's characteristic behavior. In life, the secret of a healthy relationship is often misunderstood as cooperation. It's in fact understanding and coordination that needs to go hand in hand with patience. Patience is a virtue never to be tampered with. Every human being has a limit of tolerance, the level of which is subjected to change with respect to individual characteristics. Some mature earlier than others. I refer to maturity as the insight of the mind.

Walking tall at an early age is an achievement, yet staying at the peak or levelled height is a crafted skill. When maturity gets mixed with innovation, the humility of the person may vary. It is said, 'Don't bite more than you can chew'. The same applies to Patience. It is an art to be practised, without which Success may seem far away.

Tolerance is yet another quality. A sensitive person may not possess the similar level of tolerance as compared to a thoughtful person. 'Think first then act' is often never exercised in practical life. A majority of the individuals in this era do not know how to react to a situation. Facing a challenge is quite difficult while compared to preaching the tactics. Never give up is the motto which should be inspired by positive thinking.

Thinking high can lead to a better understanding of life. "Shoot for the Moon, even if you miss it, you'll land among the stars", is an often quoted phrase which is relevant in our lives. We often set smaller goals and try in vain to achieve them. But try setting a bigger goal, say to live a happy life, then you'll find that the desire and determination to succeed in attaining your destiny comes in naturally. This will help to make smaller goals a reality to pave the paths to the ultimate destiny: A longer and happier life! 

How to be Happy?
Keep Your Heart free from Hatred
Your Mind from Worry
Accept Little
Give Much
Sing Often
Pray Always
A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed! 
Ever since I was a kid, this question would pop up to me whenever it got a chance, “What do you want to be when you’re grown up?” The same thought has been whacking my brains out for over a decade now. At first it was a dream to get my first computer, after years of bugging my dad and mom. Later on, after getting my Pentium-III ‘Workstation’, I started breaking it up into bits, well hypothetically speaking! I’d sit on it all day and do all kinds of mischief that you’d expect a teenager to do. My next mission was to understand the computer better. So I started to upgrade myself with the internet. The world of internet was a slow poison, and today it has resulted in a more dramatically available version of ‘me’, whom many of you describe as ‘nocturnal’. So does this nocturnal computer maniac solve the end of the quiz? I assume not! Don’t be fooled by my petite introductions and lousy lines, because I’m not the least person you may think I am. Then you may wonder, “Who are you really?” I’m a person who’s in a quest for enlightenment, to find my purpose in life. Satisfied? Didn’t I tell you not to make wild guesses??

Are you happy with what you do???
All mankind is born to earth with a purpose I believe. And according to my stand today, I want to be a man who spreads happiness to everyone. Seems like an impossible task, doesn’t it? Yes, quite frankly speaking, I’m not at all perfect; in fact no one is perfect! Everyone has their own weaknesses, and some positive strength. But do we use our talents positively?

Assuming that the world will end in the 2012 as per the calculations of the Mayan calendar, and the happenings around the world, would you be happy to die the life that you’ve lived so far? My question is simple: Are you happy with your life?

The greatest desire that a man should have while living on earth is to live a happy life, and to make others around him happy. A content man is hard to find in this era. Everyone is greedy for more, and keep hoarding for their future generations. But don’t we as humans have a responsibility to this world? When we are happy, shouldn’t we care for the million others who are suffering?

One small act of random kindness can stir a change even in a situ mind, anywhere on earth. So spread the cheer, and let us try to keep aside all jealousy, lust, anger, hatred, and other evil thoughts, and live as happy humans till the end of our lives. Is that too much to ask for?

Image Courtesy: A friend

November 06, 2011

Energy Released!!
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Slothful youth, wasted with time,
The mystries of a killer dynasty;
Pictured in an innocent mind,
A slow remorse of esctasy!
Time lay barren within its path,
Of sparkless haunted past,
Amidst cries of slaughtered souls,
The beacon of laughter's roar.
Fear mistreats the situ slave,
When warriors have we nil;
With gut as weapon and heavenly guide,
March on without a still...

Poem By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 19 May 2011

November 05, 2011

This is my second Guest Appearance Post. It's from my friend Majida Shaheen. Thank You Majida for your support.
No words can describe the kind of FRIENDSHIP we SHARE...
If it’s like GLASS, then we need to HANDLE with CARE...
If it’s like a NOTEBOOK, then we won’t let the pages TEAR...
To ME, OUR friendship is really VERY dear!!!
It’s not like the RAIN, which succumbs to the ground...
Nor SILENT like the TEARS, those make no SOUND...
Its not like FLOWERS, that DIE out in a DAY,
I can make no COMPARISON and I am out of WORDS to say!!! 
On this beautiful boat of Friendship, we have started to sail...
Believe me, it’s nothing less than a FAIRY TALE!!!
Our Friendship is UNIQUE, our friendship is EXOTIC...:D:D
Feels so high, is it NARCOTIC??? 
Now here is something about ME and YOU...
Read this poem and say you agree too....
You are the sweetest DEVIL (:D) and I am the naughty ANGEL...:P:P
Usually I eat your brain but I love chicken curry!!!
You are a big TUBELIGHT and I am so WISE...
I like Chapati BUT you like RICE!!
You cry like a BABY, showing your greatest talent!! :P
To Bless your LIFE, GOD had ME sent!!!O:)O:)
Enough of crapping; now I think I'll end...
I'll type it as a MESSAGE and to you I will send...
But before I finish, there is something YOU need to know...
Your CAUGHT in my FRIENDSHIP, there is really NOWHERE to go...:P:P
MY friendship with YOU shall EVER NEVER & NEVER EVER END!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

With Lots of Love, 
Majida Shaheen

Image Courtesy: Majida Shaheen

November 04, 2011

Thick black forest, with her uncurled traces,
Lusty old scales of grasslands in unison,
Sing together a song so beautiful!
Raindrops occasionally fall,
Clearing all stain;
Cleansing all mal!
Breathe thee, scalp;
The air, through it, flow!
The unmanliness eases the fields.
Though harvesting timely without lease,
Pray, forever cease this moment, at bliss,
Like a nourishing white Dove, that brings peace!

David Beckham
Image Courtesy:
Hair is the essence of life. Your hair shows your age, your sex and surprisingly your behavior as well! It grows, moves, feels, and lives just like all the other parts of your body. But, unlike the other pars, the hair needs constant care. 

Various nourishment creams and shampoos can be used to keep this part of your body healthy and soft. But which creams are to be used, totally depends on your moods and likes. I'd suggest a healthy usage of these products only at occasional intervals. But creams and shampoos? Yes, they make you feel like a woman! I've heard that women have softer skin compared to men. So their hair requirements are totally different from that of men. 

Who is the Dove Man??

Brad Pitt
Image Courtesy:
The men have more dandruff, more rough edges, more rugged scalps and much lesser hair when compared to women. So choosing hair products should be done on a safe zone. The scalp should be able to breathe even with all the hair. This can ensure lesser migraines, and a healthier lifestyle. I had in fact changed my hairstyle just to improve the breathe functionality to my scalp. Earlier, I used to comb sideways, and often used oil on my hair. This resulted in frequent migraines and the hair never felt like a breeze. Then during my high school days, the fashion changed to combing backwards. I've been adopting this style ever since and the results are just awesome. Once, I tried growing my hair, and left it lie down my neck; I kept doing this very often, until I was unable to control the constant hair fall. Climatic changes and use of different varieties of water can affect your hair easily. My hair reflects a lot about me. It sways with my mood. There's a saying, "One can easily predict the human nature of a person by looking at his hair". My hair is well oiled, once in a week or shall I tell the truth: once in a while now! I'm not a frequent hair product or cream-of-any-kind user. But, I occasionally use shampoo to wash my hair, and keep it cleared off dandruff. I've used Dove, and it's the softness that makes it different from all other products.

This post is dedicated to "Love is a two way street: Love your hair and it loves you back!" contest on 
Step it up in style! The passion for fashion is never lost within the minds of a zillion mental-math-materialistically-mad populations, among whom we live our normal lives. The era of funk and slim-fits is born today and I am no less an appreciator of clothing.

Forget the boring costumes that we see every-day at all the other shops in the world. Nonetheless, there’s always a passion for more trends and a new tear or a wear of color soon builds up hype and hoots off as the latest trend. This is highly evident in the youth of the world today. I don’t know if it’s my edgy attitude towards clothing ever since I was a kid, or my recent like of ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ that caught me up tangled in this write-up.

True Religion Tee-Shirts
-white color with Skull design
From earlier childhood, I hated wearing formals, tucking in and pants! Yes I hated pants! Don’t get me wrong either, I’m a denim guy!! The love for tees and round necks was born even as I matured my early eras in Kuwait. During my high school days, the need for fashion came into being. That’s when I started pestering my dad for my own boots. Yes, boots with all the necessary good looks were available back in those days, but none of which were in my reach! I ended up buying the cheapest boots available, and hardly used it for like 6 months!

Unlike the modern age of sleek converse all-stars, the earlier days envied the lust for the heels. Big hard soles that’d last a million days were preferred over the tiny looking weightless sneakers used today. This reminds me of my Yimada heels. Those heavy monsters totaled up to 3 kilos, but lasted for about 3 years until I decided to change my style. The big pocket denim jeans that’d look bigger than your actual size with a nice New York Yankees white cap, a Manchester United round neck jersey or a white Puma tee shirt with your own personality typed all over it, cashed in with a cool Casio Edifice (or better watch) with a chronograph, and a good old Nike sports shoe, was a dream that never came true for me. However, I currently own a Giordano watch, and a Casio Edifice watch too; along with a cool pair of Lee Cooper Originals Red Diamond shoes and an Adidas jacket to suit my taste.  

Luis Trenker
-ideal for travelers
Today, the tides have changed, and I’d love to wear a tipsy converse style shoe, over white tees, skinny jeans and a hoot cap like the one that’s seen worn by NeYo in almost all his songs. 

There's a luxury private shopping club named QVENDO which is an exclusive club providing western brands and their products at a discount. They provide a high end selection of premier brands for those who yearn for the latest fashion, along with an assurance for fast delivery and high security of transactions. But, I'd prefer the True Religion collection for myself as they speak of 'retro' and 'edgy' while the essence of youth is maintained lively through their products. The Luis Trenker sweater is an awesome pick for  frequent travelers who go on train rides and long journeys. 

Replay Unisex Watch
-for the young look

The Unisex watch by Replay provides an intriguing design that shows how unique you are at your thoughts. The design is quite different from the rest, and sure to attract second looks. The strap design is also a symbol of hard young spirit.

Bobby Mid Drifter Jeans
from True Religion
-true style

And to sum it all up with a sleek mid-drifter Bobby Jeans from True Religion is a basic quest for any young mind. Although there are other brands, the shopping experience provided by QVENDO is quite different, you can check it out for yourself at 

The crazy world of fashion never stops ending, and the mankind's always greedy for more. So there's no point complaining you're not at the top, learn to change with time, be versatile!

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November 03, 2011

Dear Diary,
                    Today, the university examinations will begin with a bang. Its been quite some time since this serene atmosphere of education has been playing tricks with my mind. I was able to coin a new word about it last year; however this year the scenario may or may not change depending on my attitude. The laziness never stops slowing, and within me a humane creature's growing.   
"Lord, I pray that the tides that run along the shore, keep my ship sailing, and the compass that I hold, doesn't end up in wailing. Until I reach that shore, of destiny's pure goal, I pray Thee Lord, guard Thou my soul! And may my papers and pen, be filled with wisdom and ink all through-out the day. The 3 hours is a great deal, and 40 pages is what I've to reel. Without Thy guidance, I am finished; life without the creator is as good as perished! Count not my never-ending sins, and shortcomings I carry within, and please guide my paths from Thy heavenly abode. All this I pray in Your Name! Amen!"

November 02, 2011

Pottery Works
Grit to glamour, the wheel’s on spree;
Mashed up tatters, like summer ghee!
Thrashed in Potter, the clay he had;
Pressed it harder, with his hands!
Turned he tumbling, through water sprays,
Mounded ramblings; smoothed and swayed!
Carved he, illustrious, through an artist’s mind,
Young and zealous, design of a kind!
Burned his desire of prototype cast,
Till its marvelous and tuned to last.

By: Anoop M. Mathew
Date: 02-11-2011

Image Courtesy:

November 01, 2011

In a train I met a stranger
She came and asked a favour
I hesitated but then helped her...
She thanked me, soon fell silence.
I felt curious like a wild horse,
It was a telepathy of ecstasy;
Burnt within a matured desire
Preventing me from talking matter...
Time ran and it was bedtime,
From the side berth, she inquired where I’d depart;
‘Three stops away’, I replied with passion;
Just looking at her had got me into action.
I felt disgust with my thoughts!
Why can’t I just be a good guy of some sort?
After a small chat we left to sleep.
She asked me to wake her before I leave.
Tempted, yet I slept, dreaming,
Within my mind, a dragon screaming!
But when I woke up, she had gone,
Just like everyone, to be lost and forgotten...

Written By: Anoop M. Mathew
Dated: 19-12-2009

Weird people doing weird things in a weird world...!!!
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