September 17, 2011

Spread Your Wings

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Wrote this one a long time ago. It's been published twice in some well known christian magazines in India and abroad. Hope you'll like it.
Spread Your Wings
By: Anoop M. Mathew

As a child goes to its father
I went before God’s presence
Asking him for guidance
In every sphere of life

He said to me, “My child,
You may not understand,
But you are too young
To be set free into this sinful world.”

“This world that you live in
It’s filled with corruption
A slow poison that will eat you
Lest you know or see it.”

“You are now under heavenly protection
I have given you good parents
To guide and teach you
Various incidents to mould you
Develop your character and skill”

“You will be taught to gain Knowledge
But Wisdom you must seek
Wisdom to live and survive
It will guide you throughout life
Ask for it and you will receive it.”

“She will help you gain life
You will become the winner
Spread Your Wings,
And fly as high as possible
Only Sky will be the Limit.”                                                                      

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