September 27, 2011

An Apple a Day!

Once upon an autumn season,
Way back in time,
There was an apple,
In a tree we'll all love to find.
As usual it hung on the branches,
Finding it daily strength,
It grew as one beautiful fruit,
That would bring joy to someone's life.
But one day, the wind blew,
Strong and it wouldn't stop,
The apple hung on to dear life,
If it fell, then there's no smiles.
The raindrops began to flow,
Finally it gave in to the blow,
It fell down onto a man,
Isaac Newton was struck hard and fast!
Well this is the saddest part of all,
What more can you ask for?
If an apple a day could keep the doctor away?,
Why did it turn Newton astray?
Science and Gravitational force,
Even at Eden where man met woman,
Everywhere this fruit has caused havoc,
Even today, life hangs on an Apple!

Written By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 22nd September 2011

P.S. What would you do if you were the apple that fell on Newton's head?

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Justin said...

Good one anoop.. :)

anish george said...

haha..good one..:)

bhupendra said...

Cool observation!!! I liked Steve's face in this apple above!

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