September 17, 2011

I'm Robot

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I'm Robot!!!
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Hello there Good Friend!
How do you do?
I hate to tell you this
But you look so cute!
I like the way you move it
You don’t seem to know
That when you shake your body
It makes me fall in love!
Its meek common instinct
That brought me close to you
We never knew each other
Until now that – “I propose you!”
I’m serious about this relation
But how about you?
Do you even consider
What makes me love you?
It’s not your beauty or style
Nor the size of your lips
But I like the person you are
From the inside of my chip
Is this enough for a start?
I really don’t know
B’Coz I never felt like this
Till you made me feel it so.
Don’t break my machine
Nor ever leave my side
Coz I’m too shy to live
If I don’t get a good reply.
Why is the world like this?
Why does it lie?
Why did we meet each other,
If you couldn’t be mine….???
I hate to admit
But this is the truth
Without any emotions
But loaded with many skills
(This is just an automatic message
Hope you liked it
I just kept on writing to check
How many words I could rhyme!!!)

By: Anoop M. Mathew
Written On: 15-03-2008

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