September 06, 2011

The Enigmatic Poet

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It's funny when poetry comes to you, uncontrolled,
I just can’t help but wonder, 
When it'll fill my soul
And take off all blunders.
It keeps me awake like a mansion without sunshades attached
And people living inside rooms where curtains are no match
I've seen places and people 
Who lust of the dead
But where is the enjoyment, if you must, I’ll have said
That it's right in your heart...
And the moments are what you create
Coz no happiness comes by itself
Unless you make it happen within!
Hmm...looks like i'm out for today..
Life moves on each day
The days in the past, 
Like a whisper on the wind betray
I seldom set foot on this ground
But if it weren't for you, I’d be bound
So much, so little, so many at last
All this seems true, it's coming too fast
Oh gosh! I'm dead, the times are a blast
And the future is dormant, my feet feel the dash
But life still springs it's envy tonight
In hopes to recreate those moments I delight
Why do I rhyme at will??
When all I see is the future at bliss??
Lord, beg thee, take my life, coz it's Your’s, still
For mine has dead, and yours’ I'll live
(the end probabily)

Anoop M. Mathew

P.S. I wrote this while facebook-chatting with my friend on the above mentioned date. Thanks to her interest, i was able to type this much in about 2 minutes. It's just crazy when the mind plays tricks on you!!

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