December 14, 2011

Is luxury just a cheap excuse to happiness?


I’ve always thought that happiness is something that you cannot buy. And today I’m blessed as what I believed all these years has come through as though a realm of purgatory. I’m not sure if I’m man enough to say this, but yet it frequently haunts my mind not to. So I write this down as a reminder to my legacy.

Luxury may be termed as an act of uncertain comfort boosted with passion and powered by possession or merely proper cash. Unfortunately, luxury is often felt as an ideal state for the highest class of beings. But with my experience and seismic thought provoking ideology, I’d say not.

The term luxury can be referred to anything or any sort of lifestyle that invokes pleasure and calmness of mind. It is often an unavailable situation in our monotonous lives these days. Luxury however is just another cheap excuse to being happy. Why do I say so? Let’s find out…

Take the life of a simple peasant who works his days on his fields. What does he yield? Well, most of us might suggest ‘hard work can bring profits’…Well is that all? Look carefully and you’ll notice that the peasant is healthier than any other office going person. Is he not? Moreover, he likes his job, in spite of the hard work and risks involved. (I’m referring to a peasant according to the old concept. Modern peasants are faster and forward.)

Farming his lands, the peasant works for all year and it brings him great joy to see his produce at the harvest time. Unfortunately, sometimes things don’t go as the peasant expects and he feels a small financial crisis. Well, we all know that this is a common situation.

But what does the term luxury mean to an ordinary peasant? Well, from m y point of view, the harvest is the luxury and selling off the produce is the greatest happiness. A job well done deserves appreciation…Bravo! And hard work always pays.

But can you suggest what luxury means today? I’m at loss of words too. Despite of all that, I’ve come up with the word for modern luxury: “Aggressive” Why? Read on…

Luxury today is all about more and more and more and more and more and it goes on and on and on and on and…(I could go typing on and on and….). To tell about all the materialistic things that you’ve bought or the worldly pleasures you’ve achieved if ever happiness is involved is sheer luxury. The passion and the desire for more and the romance of ecstasy when you live a life of dreams in reality is also luxury.

But to me, luxury is instantaneously possible. How? Well as sensibly simple as that: Be happy with what you have. Not satisfied with what you have? Then try to be happy with what you do so that you live a luxuriously happy life.

To me, luxury is all about living in the moment and meek pleasure in small things. I like to feel happy and often find myself content with what I do as a matter of passion than with what I do out of pure need. I am also able to coordinate and be more alive while I’m myself, when I do what I like to, rather than when I try to be someone else when I try to do the extraordinary. There is a saying that you should never try to swallow more than you can so much chew. The same goes with happiness…
Take it slowly…
Breathe it normally…
Feel it purely, and
Live it daily…
For happiness is a boon in all its glory!
So be luxuriously happy always! Cheerio!

P.S.: The author was neither drunk nor drugged while writing this down. Audience should maintain discretion to all statements. However, valid criticism is tolerated. 


p00ja said...

This happens to be amongst the first times when I'm the 1st one to comment. Luxury:-)

By any chance if you really think you dont need any materialistic things, goods beyond your needs to be happy, I'd be more than glad to accept your charities.

As a matter of fact I was also working on a similar blog, just letting everyone know that I'm open to recieving all your excess funds.

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Thank you Poojaji for your valuable comments. Yet I feel that even though we require certain materialistic things, a lot of them are really wasted only in the name of entertainment or luxury. The real usage sticks will only a few likely gadgets that are actually SUITABLE for everyday use. For eg: The touch phones are no a serious competition to normal bar models when it come to real usability.

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