December 23, 2011

Guest Appearance: Mah luv

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Earlier i used to wonder, 
What exactly is love? 
I used to sit for hours and ponder, 
Why is it considered above 
All feelings and emotions, its so pure 
Its a feeling you understand 
Only once you experience to be sure 
That its better than the shores and sand 
Better than the world’s best place 
Gives you joy and happiness infinite 
Just with a single glimpse of his face 
My day seems to be magically bright 
Yes, i am in love 
For this feeling is so new 
Life’s colourful; red, yellow, mauve 
With all the shades and hue 
I think about him all the time 
Want him to succeed in every way 
His happiness is my sole prime 
Just talking to him, makes my day 
The way he loves me 
Without terms and conditions 
So untrue it all seems to be 
His never ending care and affection 
Love is one of the best things 
That can happen to anyone 
Your heart wants to dance and sing 
Days seem blessed from mon to sun 
Thank you God for this wonderful feeling 
So pure, eternal and divine 
He, by my side, my life is reeling 
He is just mine, mine and mine!

By: Majida Shaheen 

1 comment:

Sujatha Sathya said...

so beautifully expressed

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