January 07, 2012

Desperate for more...!!

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Human mind is a wonderful machine of vibrant thoughts. It works like a wonder and the greatest challenge faced by even the best psychologist is to analyse the human thought. If anyone could control his own thoughts, he would redefine the concept of 'perfection'. Unlike the earlier version of homo-sapiens and the men of the previous century, our era has evolved into a more desperate kind. We want more than what has been achieved by our ancestors. Newer inventions and discoveries are yet to be made. Particularly, the concept of a greener planet is a myth that is slowly coming to life with the advent of newer technologies that assist in the production of better features of lifestyle. Our ancestors may have destroyed the planet, but our breed of survivors are trying to replenish the adverse effects of the past with smarter solutions. Let us hope that with time there will be a better understanding within humans themselves about the need for a cleaner planet. The urge must be sown within each of us, only then can a change take place. We have to change ourselves first, before we try to change the planet. We need to shed our skins of greediness and selfishness, eradicate corruption, support freedom for all, and equal rights to all; only then can we change the planet. Otherwise, all that we keep trying to do will end up just like a hole in the pocket of a government employee. With this small touch of thought, let's begin our endeavor into this new year with a different perspective. Happy New Year!!!


Pooja Desai said...

Every year is a new year. Each generation tries to better the previous generation.

The older generation thinks we are polluting the environment and we blame them.

But instead if each one would just try to be better themselves it world help everyone. This applies in all fields.

Live and let live.

Saru Singhal said...

True...I guess we need to keep a check on ourselves. On this note, Happy New Year:)

Binu Thomas said...

The world started with a green environment. As you rightly mentioned, the "green" part was taken away due to our greed factor.. Now we have realized it, but I guess its too late. We cannot recover lost glory, we are just trying to prolong our existence on Earth. Thoughtful post!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Nice thought. We have to change ourselves indeed irrespective of our age!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Thanks, wish you the same. Have a Blessed life!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Thanks. Indeed we have no where else to go, so we must try and keep the Earth in one piece.

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