August 08, 2012


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Misunderstood Musings!
Waitin’ at the edge of oblivion,
Hearing the miseries untold
Facing life’s delirium,
As truth, silently unfolds…….
Sleeping in desolation,
To escape the confusion
Wondering in solitude,
Feelin’ lost and alone in the multitude…..
Why does it seem I recognize no one,
When everyone I know is here?
How can I make my insecurities vanish,
And stop my heart from feelin’ fear?
Why can’t people see my burdens that are hard to bear,
Why can’t they see the silent tear that says “I care”?
If I seem heartless ,
I have surely been misunderstood……..
It snaps the strings of my heart to see myself bleeding,
I hate to bite the hand that to me, is feeding
I am engulfed by the chasm of morbidity,
I stand in anticipation of serendipity……
If I seem to be the strongest,
I have clearly been misunderstood…….

-         Poem by: Sagittaire Solitaire

P.S.: This is a guest post by my friend. Please check out to know more about her.
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