August 12, 2012

Forget title, just read!

I'm a sixteen year old teenager. I should be writing about the mysteries of love and the beauty of friendship, but here I am, trying to change the world by writing words on corruption on a blog of a friend I made a few days back! But at least it's a start. And that's where all of us fail, to make a start. We're so afraid of the consequences that we have literally started believing that we don't really stand a chance. While the word is busy fighting Aids and Global warming, we Indians are facing an entirely different problem. Politicians! Shame on you adults for letting this happen to our country. If you handed India over to us teenagers for a day, you would probably see the difference.
The Voice of Young India
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I am a NRI, a non-resident Indian, and I can feel the vibes of corrupt politicians and frauds till here! But what are we doing? The same thing that we've been doing for the past 800 years, watching! And we're getting pretty good at it too. First came the Mughals, then the British and now we're facing someone worse, Indians! It's funny how kids today want to be doctors and chefs but not a single one aspires to be a politician. It seems like even they know that this job has been cursed. Take it this way, India is house and we Indians are the family living in it. The father (politician) is a bad man and thus the family (Indians) is always suffering. To add to our misery, our neighbor is busy sending missiles and bombs onto us! If you know what I mean...

- If you are an Indian adult reading this, then stop reading and do something about it. Go out, start a campaign, get some people on your side, spread the message. Every bit counts.

- If you’re a politician reading this, then remorse for what you’ve done to India and try do some good for a change. If you’re an American reading this, then stay the hell out of our way! We've got enough problems already.

- And if you’re a young beautiful lady reading this, then let me tell you that my dad is very rich and I am incredibly handsome.

(Sorry for the bad humor, that’s just me.)

I would like to thank Anoop for putting this up on his blog. Hallelujah.

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P.S.: This post was given to me by my young friend Haseeb. Reader's discretion is advised.


Sagittaire Solitaire said...

Nice post....:)

Haseeb said...

Thank You :D

Micky Fernandez said...

I have something TRULY FRIGHTENING to tell you: you will grow up, vote, pay taxes, and become stupid like the rest of us. If not, then you will be an outcast.
It is sad, but true.

Haseeb said...

Now now, why don't you let me decide my future myself, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hope to see you back soon.

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