January 18, 2012

Guest Appearance: Trust

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Hard to build, easier to break 
Breaking trust is a piece of cake 
Building trust may take so long 
That breaking it, will seem so wrong. 
Every relationship is built on trust 
Love and care never lets it rust 
Trusting a stranger is hard to do 
Especially when they act sweet and try to woo 
Trusting someone is giving him the capability 
To break you down into pieces, wholly and completely 
Yet, you are so sure that they will not 
Its your confidence and faith, not an option that you got 
Trust, you see, is a powerful word 
So has been told, so has been heard 
Trust cannot be given to all 
Neither can be obtained By means of maul 
Trusting blindly is a gift you give 
And this trust is destined to live 
In the hearts of friends forever 
In years to come through fruitful endeavour! 

By: Majida Shaheen

1 comment:

Binu Thomas said...

Trust and Faith are the two things that can sustain any relationship at any level!! Nice poem..

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