July 19, 2011

MidNight Melancholy

I could not sleep. It's will be just a 24 hour wait for me to board the bus to Salem, a place in Tamil Nadu. From Salem, a train starts off to Chennai, which will begin our 9 day tour of North India. Yes, I'm going on a tour to North India with my batch mates and teachers. The places destined for our visit are Delhi, Kullu, Manali and Agra. The fact that i haven't washed the laundry or packed my stuff has been burdening my mind, so i took off with a bucket filled with all the dirty clothes i could find and set foot to the bathroom, to do the washing. Well, most people would think i'm crazy. Oh come on, am i not crazy enough to get my laundry done at 4 am in the early morning.

Right now, i'm just typing something, i don't know what this post will result to be, but whoever is going to read this would probably think i'm nuts. You tell me...Am I nuts??? The night is quite clear today, and there is some pretty awesome moonlight to brighten it. I just took some fresh air and now am i a pursuit to get some sleep. The nocturnal in me has awoken, and its hard to get him back to sleep. Let me just sing a lullaby to myself and end this night in peace....zZzZzZzZ


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I really hope that all the clothes u just washed.... get dry before u leave!!!! And listen.... put up pics nd.also blog abt ur trip..... all the while it happens.... use mobile gprs.... DoCoMo if possible.... roaming no data charges as long as u stick to DoCoMo network... k?? Hf bro... u tc.... miss ya buddy.... nd be safe...

anoopthefriend said...

Yes sure will try my best. Yes the laundry has dried already. Must begin with the packing soon.

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