July 20, 2011

I'm OFF to the North!!!!

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Folks, the time has come and the day has dawned, and finally we're going to the North. I've packed my stuff in a black and blue Puma travel bag, and have gotten into a red tee and blue jeans, with sandals to protect my feet. Well it's just a matter of time before the bus arrives, symbolizing the beginning of our 9 day trip. You may wonder, what's so important about this trip? Well, the answer is simple: nothing is more. 

The final year at college is meant to be rocked, and that's what we plan to do with this trip. It's not about drinks, partying and wasting time alone, it's also about the act of sharing, caring and being together as a batch that counts. Hope this tour of our's turn out to be one of the best memorable ones ever. Keep my fingers crossed. Wish us luck!!!


P.S. You won't have to bear with me for the next 9 days.

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anoopthefriend said...

I never mentioned about our trip on my blog. Guess that trip brought a small gap to my 'just-entered' blogging experience. Anyways, let me cut it out to you, IT WAS AWESOME!!! And I enjoyed it to the core!! We ALL did!! Wohoooo!!! Man, I miss that trip. First to Chennai, where we did a little shopping and hanging out. Then to Delhi where we went to all the places of historical importance and also for shopping in the open streets, had a wonderful time at KFC. Later on, moved on to Kullu and Manali where the scenery just captivates you; met ice instead of snow as it was off season at the Snow Point in Manali. At the last stop was to the Wonder of Love: The Taj Mahal. Overall, those 9 days was a roller-coaster ride and the times we spent will always be remembered by all of us.

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