July 19, 2012

“I've got 99 problems with my hair, and found The Solution!”

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Russell Brand looks cool?

Trees are everywhere. There are trees at homes, workplaces, in public squares, along railway tracks, and some even roam around the gutter. Well a few tree holders are staring at this post right now, wondering what I really meant! Well trees refer to your hair in this context. Some trees are short, while some are tall. Some are old, greyed, healthy, stubborn, cute, awkward, and there are probably many more words to describe them. And I wonder how many of us keep it natural? 
Impossible is a word found only in the dictionary of fools. But since we're all fools, I'd gladly use it here. It's almost impossible to keep your hair neat and tidy in this era, especially if you live in the dirtiness and daily scenarios of India. Sorry, I'm not being rude to the various hair products available at the market, but do they actually work? I don't know! Recently a lot of advertisements claim to provide the end solutions, and lots of people fall for them too! Most people want a genie in a bottle, but is there truly a hair genie? I was lost here, so I decided to investigate.

After using some of the products available in the market, I went to consult an Ayurvedic remedy for the hair fall, balding, and greying of my hair. The worst part of the entire experience was that I was given a hair oil to be used before bathing, and another hair oil to be used after bathing! Also, I was told to avoid spicy food which I could not bear to accept! During the first few days it was difficult to adjust as I had become allergic to the smell, but then I continued the therapy for the next three months. Unlikely for me, my hair just remains the same! It has not matured any more. I wonder why this happens to young adults very often? A little more investigation showed that the problems lie within the environment itself. The water that I used at the hostel was not well treated, thus it has caused an increase in the hair fall rate also accelerating the balding process. The human body is capable of fighting against illness and recovering from it naturally. But do we actually give it the time for the same? Then all of a sudden, the early men intrigued me. Did they have hair issues back then? What about all the other historical geniuses? It's fascinating to think how our era has got more hair problems than any other era. And we claim to have found a solution? Well, enlighten me please! Deep within this genuine sarcasm lies a truth that seems mysterious

Nature at it's best!
Sometimes everyday mysteries of our life seem unacceptable. We tend to forget the truth that we are only humane. Our hair shows a lot about our character, protecting it is of genuine importance to each one of us. But we've to first give it the natural time to rejuvenate itself. Try to avoid the excessive use of any hair product, and use proper water and protection from sweat, cold, rain, and dust. This can be done by using plain techniques such as umbrellas, and taking a proper bath on time. Being aware of your hair is very much necessary to understand and properly maintain your hair accordingly. And doing so will hopefully bring about a positive end to all my hair problems!

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