May 17, 2012

The Internet...the place where I enjoy Freedom...

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Talk about a burst of flavor, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the taste of strawberries mixed with bananas and dates while you are having your favorite sundae? For me the world revolves around my phone. Being an addict to the internet has livened up, all thanks to the technology which recently got reduced to the tip of my fingers.

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Nocturnally, the idea of sitting online for the entire night and exploring a larger part of the world around me has come to be a part and parcel of my daily existence. Now you may wonder what I’m up to at the wee hours of the night. Well don’t. :D.

Social Networking has become an integral part that has helped to develop my character and knowledge. Although many people around the world consider making friends online as a ‘waste of time’, and as ‘time-pass’, honestly for me it has turned to the best. I was able to find that a lot of people out there are just as lonely and bored like myself. The entire essence of socialising with them is to understand more about the human race, and the way things work in the society. A lot of social issues can be resolved if people start acting interested and are willing to listen to the problems faced by others.

Today, living in this hi-tech world where time moves like a breeze, I frankly feel that people do not have time for each other. Relationships last on the basis of the holy thread, and some parents even live together only on account that their child should not be left father/mother-less. A lot of families lack the basic child to parent interaction these days, which in turn leave these children to go in search of other friends. Sometimes an elderly friend whom you have met online can give a better advice than anyone else who is nearby to you. This I have personally experienced through facebooking on my phone. The realms of a teenager breaking into adulthood and the pressures that I’ve had to go through are a well kept secret, thanks to a few of my old friends with whom I share my feelings. It feels free to loosen up, particularly to someone who is far away and can give a better advice, than listening to scolding from someone you know. And am sure that most of my readers out there might have a well kept secret that is safe with someone you know as well. Not everything in life can be shared you know! But if you don’t, then you’d be living a life of utter loneliness and hatred to yourself. My advice to such people: talk to someone you can trust! It’s imperative for your brighter future! 

To be frank, I love the way that telecom companies like Vodafone and Airtel have come up with exciting offers to keep people online for even as little time as required. Getting in touch has really turned out to be exciting, and the world really seems much closer, atleast to the verge of my fingertips. In fact, I just heard my friend say this a few minutes ago: 

"Daa Raghu, just check if there is tea in the mess or not and send me a message through facebook" 

How much more entertaining can it get? You tell me...!!!

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Saru Singhal said...

You know I always wonder how can people write such nice essays/articles. I simply fail at it.

All the best Anoop :) And teach me how to write posts. :)

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