April 02, 2012

April Fooled!!!


What MOOD am I in???
(Image taken with Nokia N79 Front Camera)

31st March 2012 was a night of unforeseen memories. The unpleasant power-cuts and the not-so-hot mosquito bites had kept me awake all night. In the mega mourn of that aura, I took my mobile phone and set to work.
I’m known among my friends as a silent killer. Underneath all the sheen of shy manliness, I pride myself as a person of inexplicable talent. Well, enough with the brags already! That night was a meaningful turn as I twisted my mind in cracking some pranks with my contacts. Everyone on my list received a “Happy Birthday to you” on account of the unavoidable April 1st Fool’s Day. Most of my pals replied with messages that cannot be mentioned on such a good blog.
Although I had fun the entire night, I slept peacefully like a dead man, not knowing the ripple effect it would create. At 8:30am the next morning, I woke up having to find that I was left alone in my room. The place felt deserted and the shelves were ransacked as if hit by a tornado. Lucky for me I found my Laptop still lying on the table. Feeling the need for a social revamp, I turned it on to log into Facebook. Loading….Loading….Loading… it took more time than usual and luckily the Windows logo appeared christened with it magical colors.
Quenched with the thirst for rejuvenation, I stared at my welcome screen only to find that someone had messed with my account. Now there were multiple users, with smiling faces that looked like a teasing spree. I tried running around the entire hostel to find my room-mates, but they were not to be seen. I felt so distressed and despaired as such a behavior was so uncommon. I was sweating and beating up my bed, and almost tried to break the laptop, all in that frustration to overcome my fate.
Then it struck as though by lightening, my room-mate woke me up from my ill-tempered sleep and asked me, “What happened da???…Why are you banging the bed???”. Pfft!!! It was just one of those horrible nightmares!! And I was fooled by my very own mind!!! What an April starter!!!!


Sujatha Sathya said...

ouch! what a starter indeed!

btw, you kinda look scary in that pic

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

I guess the apt word would be 'creepy' :D

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