March 02, 2012



She’s been with me for so long,
Helped me sail through the storms;
Been a guide in bonded form,
In every situ and silly norm!
She's near me daily, in my room,
Works playfully over the gloom;
Bore my stress upon her whole,
Never left, even when I let her down, lo!
She faithfully stands as an asset,
Works perfectly like a Passat;
I guess my gratitude has no bounds,
Thank you Red Devil, my blood, my hound!

By: Anoop M. Mathew
On: 02-03-2012

Image Courtesy: M-Y-S-E-L-F


⁂ܓVållῐ ⁂ܓ☺ said...

Good dedication to your lappy...We all love our gadgets so much :)
You've a beautiful red lappy :)

Suman said...


Binu Thomas said...

Congrats Anoop. Even I have a Dell laptop. Dell XPS. I have been a Dell customer so far :)

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Yes. Gadgets are what make better humans today!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Dell XPS is one of the best I've seen. Good performance!

Anoop Mathai Mathew said...


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