February 28, 2012


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When one life ends, another life is given birth to. Why do people not understand the value of life? Experience is the key factor that determines the efficiency of a person’s thoughts. With time, a human being gets matured, which means that he gets familiarized with the situations around him that he learns to become versatile. Often, some people neglect experience and go for their own insight. Conscience affected people are the ones who end up with suicides and illness caused due to unwanted intake of harmful substances.

Time is of essence
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There is always a lot of ideology that builds up even while youngsters start off their world into the realm of adulthood. The facts may look strange and the world may seem a more meaningless place. This feeling is experienced by most of the solitary reapers who spend most of their time by themselves. It is said that loneliness is a thought-provoker, yet it is also true that an idle mind is the Devil’s workshop. Casting away these spells is a reality that is so unaccomplished by many.

Teenage is the age for exploring new things, and teenagers often have the urge to misuse their freedom. Freedom when misused can have many difficult consequences. What do these young minds really need when it comes to reality? It would be none other than a good example. In this world today whom can you show as a perfect example? Well you’d ask me now, “But nobody’s perfect right?”…. True!

Perfection is just a myth, getting close to perfection and trying for that coveted title is the real challenge. Youngsters need someone they can rely on, it may be a good friend, a close brother, or even parents who know them well. But how do you get to know someone? It’s only through communication, and to communicate effectively, you need time!!!

Time is of essence. Time can make or break a man. All that’s left of in a man’s record is his time. Let people remember you for your time that you spend with them. Let them feel better because of you. You only live once, and that may be the greatest gift you can give to anyone….!!! So use time wisely and live life daily!

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