July 20, 2011

Folks, the time has come and the day has dawned, and finally we're going to the North. I've packed my stuff in a black and blue Puma travel bag, and have gotten into a red tee and blue jeans, with sandals to protect my feet. Well it's just a matter of time before the bus arrives, symbolizing the beginning of our 9 day trip. You may wonder, what's so important about this trip? Well, the answer is simple: nothing is more. 

The final year at college is meant to be rocked, and that's what we plan to do with this trip. It's not about drinks, partying and wasting time alone, it's also about the act of sharing, caring and being together as a batch that counts. Hope this tour of our's turn out to be one of the best memorable ones ever. Keep my fingers crossed. Wish us luck!!!


P.S. You won't have to bear with me for the next 9 days.

July 19, 2011

I could not sleep. It's will be just a 24 hour wait for me to board the bus to Salem, a place in Tamil Nadu. From Salem, a train starts off to Chennai, which will begin our 9 day tour of North India. Yes, I'm going on a tour to North India with my batch mates and teachers. The places destined for our visit are Delhi, Kullu, Manali and Agra. The fact that i haven't washed the laundry or packed my stuff has been burdening my mind, so i took off with a bucket filled with all the dirty clothes i could find and set foot to the bathroom, to do the washing. Well, most people would think i'm crazy. Oh come on, am i not crazy enough to get my laundry done at 4 am in the early morning.

Right now, i'm just typing something, i don't know what this post will result to be, but whoever is going to read this would probably think i'm nuts. You tell me...Am I nuts??? The night is quite clear today, and there is some pretty awesome moonlight to brighten it. I just took some fresh air and now am i a pursuit to get some sleep. The nocturnal in me has awoken, and its hard to get him back to sleep. Let me just sing a lullaby to myself and end this night in peace....zZzZzZzZ
Inside ME...
Image Courtesy: www.paintingsilove.com
I want to climb the Everest,
Just to show the world I can…
Run a 100 mile marathon,
Just to feel the thrill first hand…
I want to fight the black knights,
Just to show that I’m strong…
And taste liquid cyanide,
Just to prove that I’m The One…
I want to sleep naked,
Just to conquer my lusty guilt…
Jump over China’s Wall,
Just to expose my acrobat skills
I want to read a nursery rhyme,
Just to feel the good old times…
Listen to Metallica,
Just to lose my mind at will…
I want to forget the past,
Just to pave the future’s path…
And face every big challenge,
Just to show that I’m humane…
By: Anoop Mathai Mathew
Written On: 08-03-2011

July 18, 2011

Hello Friend,

You might be wondering why this blog looks empty. It's because, i've just created it today. The date is 18th of July 2011. I hope this blog stays on forever, unlike my previous attempts at web-designing: a forum with 50 members which failed due to a server error, a website for the technological stuff that didn't come up well and a personal network which remains today in its coffin due to a bandwidth problem. I've started a craze for web-designing since i was 14, and today as i look back, i miss the good old times and the eagerness to get some html and photoshop into my head.

Today, i'm a changed person with a better vision and broader ideology. I'm learning to forget the past that haunts me with her terrible memories, and pave my way for the future that'll help my reach my destiny.

So stay tuned folks, because you'll never know what tomorrow can bring in front of your footsteps.


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