October 23, 2011


Don't leave me here to die...
Life is Fragile!

Tears flow out as I remember
The time, my childhood days
Aspirations sought
Bring about the pictures of kindness
Bestowing upon the unknown
Experience is nil
Conspiracies and ambitions uphill
Living worthless lives
No meaning, no sense.

Then the teenage years
Where love life prevails
Life with a purpose of
Achieving better heights
Develop character, personality
Build physique and temperament
Valuable moments
Gain experience and skill
In every sphere, every instinct

Later entering Adulthood
Facing challenges in life
Tension, troubles arise
As I try to be nice with all
No one cares for your problems
You find a solution, you are the best
Attaining stability in work,
Soaring to greater heights
Starting a real family life

Finally, the Old Age
When wrinkles form
Face weakens, skinny
Like a corpse, diseased
No one cares, no one close by
Time is nil
Death and decay awaits you
Life ends here, and
All that remains is eternal silence

Poem by: Anoop M. Mathew

Image Courtesy: Google Images


Saru Singhal said...

A life portrayed so beautifully in words. Love the opening line!


Anoop Mathai Mathew said...

Thank You! Yes life is fragile!

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