April 20, 2014

Tomorrow - a myth?

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A cup of coffee in my hands and a laptop on my desk, a swivel chair to sit on, with nothing but a lungi on, I began writing this Easter morning.

Writing about what? you may ask.

So I've come up with the perfect idea to soothe your genuine curiosities with.

I am writing about me, the Indian.

Why? What's so new about it?

Well, isn't that itching enough to read? Even before we started bleeding our sins into these machines of modern era, we were once a clustered group of nature lovers. Today, as we survive in these slowly turning concrete jungles of hatred and despair, let us look back at what we've lost along the way. Our integrity is at stake as none of us really like each other anymore. Even if we have no choice but to do, we hide the truth behind plastic smiles that were professionally scripted thanks to the abundance of cheap dentistry at our side.  

Nature lovers?

Huh! Old might be still gold, but who needs Gold anyways? Diamonds are the new trend! So your favorite quote is now smitten upon but some substitute made of carbon! Think about it. Why do we need the wealth of nature when our beloved homes bling around diamonds?

Life gets easy with these new advancements. True that! Yet, why are we not happy? We turn our homes and cities into indigenous master-pieces taking care to cut down trees that obstruct the view or even the very foundations of our lovely homes. But how many of us really try to plant a new one in place of it. If you look at the cities these days, all the lovely trees that used to shade the roads are now being cut to pave way for our technological advancements to be established. Metros, concrete buildings and every other mall is a part of the story behind the destruction of our once beautiful cities.

I am not against development. I fully support it. But all I am asking is what have we done post-development stage? Have we provisioned new trees in front of our shopping malls? No!

Image Courtesy: The Hindu
Open your eyes you fools! Think about the future of these cities! What would become of these if we don’t give room to some trees? Of course they might obstruct your underground pipelines or other links, but still, leave at least one tree in that parking lot area which you've concreted away. Isn't it better even for your cars to be parked under the shade? Desperate measures are to be taken to re-initiate common sense and the need to keep our areas cooler.  The beauty of your architecture is never compromised even if a few trees are standing! Learn from the Arabs and Persians!

The El Nino factor is definitely going to be mind-blowing over the coming years. And if you don’t want to rot away in that, keep you places intact. Or else your kids whom you've nurtured with more than sufficient knowledge will hold you responsible for it!

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