February 13, 2013

Life - at the breaking point!

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Love is nothing but a mere wastage of time. How do I know? Well, let’s just say that 'time' the teacher has a long way to go in making a man the ultimate sacrifice of lust. The entire process of evolving into a human turns the mental beasts within a man into what many would call as immature and arrogant. Unlikely as it seems, the turbulence born with each human ejection can be considered as a willing state of chaotic melodrama. Most likely, the justified ejaculation of emotion is limited to a timid forte of nouns which some highly intellectual beings would call words. Some even say that with each emotion is born a new sensation of disturbances that resist the manliness in one to cherish into the weapon it was intended to be. Being humane is not a sin, but sin itself is a human tendency. There is no point in trying to play God with nature because you eventually end up doing what you never felt like doing or saying what you never felt like saying. Time is a meaningless entity in the hands of a fool. The fool here refers to each one of us who utilize time for meek pleasures and sublime interests. Then why on earth are we ever born? Oh God! I wish I knew the answer to that question! Well, in the light of this worthless transition, let me take you into the trance of what life feels when you have lost everything.

There's always a limit!!!
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Every human being is born into this sinful world with the same purpose – live, love and let live. If people just followed these simple rules, how simply beautiful the world would have been. But we humans don’t know what to choose. We are mesmerized by the ample opportunities within our lives that we fail to consider what we make others go through for things to rendezvous in our favor. Every past action in one’s life plays an important role in the growth and development of personal traits. The mind can sway in thoughts within just a fraction of a second. The world may seem a weird place, with weirder people around you. However, hold on to your horses even if it means that you have no more hope left. There is never a fate which occurs without a reason. Think positive, even if it feels negativity has overwritten your life. The feelings of loss, and the heartbreaking effect of its sting can leave you perplexed and in shock. Never loose your faith in yourself however hard the world may come trembling down on you. This is a reminder to those weak minds, just like myself. Hope your perspectives bloom with this humble note. And remember, you are never alone - there's always someone like me who wants to hear your story, just like some of my good friends heard mine too! And to those friends I salute!

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