September 07, 2012


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The poor are not one of the worst humans to be alive on Earth. Even poor people survive. But my poverty can be a more caste-creed-religious based nuisance that never seems to end even though my parents lived a better life than their parents. Yes, time is not a great benefactor for our state of unresolved issues.

Time had its worst influence at times. The world around us just keeps getting richer and richer. Seeing how harsh the environment had been to us over the past few decades of migration, I decided to try and improve myself and become a better caste of person. But my ambitious thoughts won’t be enough. I’m merely myself! I can hardly vouch for my species of survivors all alone.

In some places they call us Gypsies, in other places; we are Scheduled Castes and Tribes. We don’t own anything on this Earth. So we keep moving from place to place trying to settle into whatever means of lifestyle we can afford.

Although we are denied basic education, I did my best to learn how to read, write and understand the world around me. I’m aware of a few basic languages for communication, but due to my ardent interest in foreign affairs of other humans, my tribe considers me a lunatic who overacts to reality. But let me ask you, what is reality? Is it the pride of the rich and the pain of the poor like us? I wish life was equal for everyone. No one would feel bad that way.

But today, I’m trying to change the person within me, who is soaked with the misconceptions of a scheduled gypsy. I’m trying to understand how much more human I am rather than how smitten I may look to the world. I’ve researched during my free time, and am more interested in learning about people and how they react.  

I make people happy for a living. Yes, I’m a joker to the world; a clown who forgets where he’s come from and is inclined towards the happiness of others. I am often lovetricuted by people who like me as a joker. Yes, I’m good at my profession. But it’s all behind a mask of white paint and red emotions! The person that I am is still an outsider to this world.

Her lips moved in
The void was filled
I neared her…!
The smell of sweat,
Pulled me back,
Sweet betrayal!
She had on,
A woven cloak,
On the darned floor.
The night was cold,
Turd like wind roared
What once felt gold!
Lost in that rain,
With no place to hide,
Flew our night…

Hiding his mind's flame, he makes you Smile!
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I write when I’m lonely. At night my mind plays tricks on me. Although I stay away from my tribe, I still believe I was born to make my people one with the societies of the world. Our world needs to coexist with the people of Earth for us to survive in the years to come. But, when will it soak no more for us?
-A Scheduled Clown

P.S.: A heartfelt approach is required to consider all our fellow humans as 'Humans'. I hope the reader has understood the consequences of a biased world we live in!

P.S.S: This post was written for the IndiBlogger SurfExcelMatic Contest. Please don't like this post unless your heart goes out to those who suffer. 

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Mizaki Cupcake Verlack said...

It’s true, most people are afraid of change or to sway away from their old ways and they prefer to stick to old customs and beliefs but this is your life so it’s really up to you what you want to do with it, improve yourself, learn more, expand your horrizons, if you want to be a joker and make people happy then go ahead! Don’t let anyone stop you. We’re all trying to do our best with our life. I guess it all comes down to what YOU love and what YOU believe. So bring out your true self to the world because if you’re just hiding behind a fake you then…who are you kidding?

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