August 27, 2011

Song of Solo-Man

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This is one of my earliest works. I wrote this while day-dreaming in the class. Pretty much a weird one too! Hope you are given a thought provoking experience. Read on...

Song Of Solo-Man
I was born to a couple
Brought up in a stable
Watered with seeds
And boiled in the Sun!
I was turned into bubbles
Sorted from the rubbles
Burnt in the fiery furnace
And melted from the ice!
I was smitten by gangsters
Dealt with by monsters
Eaten by dragons
And drunk right from the gongs!
I fought with beasts
Caught up with the fleas
Charged like a bull
Stepped down from the stool!
I sat beside morons
Got acquainted with 'Zorro'
Was attacked by wolves
And slept in 'Sleepy Hollow'!
But when I woke up
I was a SOLO-MAN
Born to grown-ups
Who had knowledge and were humane too…

By: Anoop M. Mathew

How crazy can you get?
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